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blog-city, you blow

11 Mar 2007
Time: 13:21

Blog-city announced recently they're going to charge users to use their software.

Gianne told me, let's migrate to blogspot or somewhere soon. But ...shifting 3 years worth of blogs? With each and every of them having sentimental values. And photos, of course.

I thought, okay, let's not blog anymore, and try out (seriously this time) blogspot and try messing with the codes and all to get a cop on how it feels like there. Afterall, there's nothing much I can do anymore about this. All I'm saying is: Will serve blog-city right when all their users goes off in search of greener (and free) pastures.

But this entry I cannot and will not resist:

In this age where honesty and chivalry are no longer expected from the public in general, I am extremely grateful to have some of my faith in fellow Malaysians restored.

On Saturday afternoon, I called in sick, (actually seen a doctor for Hep B jab) and went to Huang Ah Ma Restaurant in Taman Usahawan Kepong for lunch with my mom and brother. So being the usual me, I carelessly left my wallet on the table and left to pay for the meal at the faraway cashier.

I went home, slept, and watched tv with my mom til 1am, and with a sinking ehart, found my freaking wallet missing. 1am!

My ID, driving license, credit card and ATM cards! Deja vu from two years ago! I lost it inside Kim gary two years ago and no one bothered to even send me my IC, fucker.

Knowing it was already too late as anyone who picked up my wallet could've went for a shopping spree and maxed out my card already, all I could do was to pray, and pray hard that I would be able to at least get back my personal documents.

It was a skeptic's prayer and the hassle of cancelling my cards and getting replacements for my personal documents was an epic in itself, to say the least.

So imagine my surprise and gratefulness when I went to the restaurant first thing this morning and had my wallet returned to me after being asked to give a thorough description of my wallet and its contents. To the owner and employees of Huang Ah Ma Restaurant, I give you my deepest gratitude for your honesty and integrity.

And ehem, the food there is not bad. They're pan mee specialists and have a few kinds of pan mee to try...and their fried dumplings are yummy.

Their address:
16 & 18, Jalan Metro Perdana 8
Taman Usahawan Kepong, Kepong Utara
52100 Kuala Lumpur

They're beside Carrefour Kepong and across from Jusco Kepong.

So if you ever eat there, remember, the food there are prepared by honest people with integrity and sincerity.

Jun Hoe made this comment,
Yeah, I'm peeved too. Blog-city really pisses me off now. Of all the times I ignored their bugginess and such.
Btw, I really like pan mee. Haven't had a good one for a long time now, and it's quite hard to find one these days. Maybe next time u could take me there? Hehe..

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