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14 Oct 2004
Time: 00:35
Mood: *can't open my eyes*

Curses. I'm too careless. Just too, too, too careless. Yesterday, I've forgotten to switch on my handphone when I leave for college, and it cost me 1 hour of traffic congestion between Batu Caves and Gombak. My mom said 5 minutes after I left, my classmate called my handphone to inform me classes were canceled but the call was diverted home. That one call could've meant I can stay home and continue sleeping. It cost me petrol, time, money bla blah bluergh.

So. This morning, out of some neatness-impulse, I chucked everything out of my backpack and put everything in neatly and in order. Considering yesterday's traffic and the early morning drizzle (that turned into full-fledged heavy downpour) I left home at 8.15 am. My class starts at 10 am. On a normal traffic day, with plus minus 5 minutes leeway for traffic development (okay, okay, traffic lights, slight congestion), it takes me only 20 minutes from doorstep right to main gates. I said I left at 8.15 am, right. I arrived somewhere around 9.35 am. One hour, 20 minutes. That's how long I spent on the highways. Turns out there's some sort of accident at the Batu Caves highway construction area and according to radio traffic reports, traffic was diverted. Yah. And the crawl started 3 km away from the point of diversion.

Traffic jam is crazy. CRAZY, I tell you. Crazy. I wanted very much to just get out of my idling car, stand in the middle of the traffic, and a) cry, b) scream, c) demand someone else drive me to college while I sleep in the passenger seat. I seek solace by talking to myself, talking to the radio and thinking how hundreds of people are thinking exactly what I'm thinking.

When I arrive in college, I headed to the canteen and wanted to buy some warm food. Only to discover, great, I left my wallet at home. My IC, Student ID, money...driving license. That really scared me. I never drive without bringing my license before. It was so shitty, I was worried all day long. I was worried my mom might find my wallet lying somewhere auspiciously. I was worried if there's a police checkpoint set up suddenly. I was worried cos I haven't had RM 10 with me.

Why did I go and rearrange the contents of my backpack? Argh. Why didn't I make sure I have everything important in my backpack before I left? This is a damned good jolt for me. I'm not gonna, EVER, take for granted my wallet is in my backpack. NEVER.

And then I hear people saying there was accident on that stretch of road (that causes traffic to be diverted) and a Kancil was crushed beneath a concrete beam. I don't know how true this is, there'll be some mention on tomorrow's paper, but that scared me a lot. Going off that way isn't really the way to go, afterall.

In a lecture, the lecturer mentioned about the landslides and MRRII's beam cracks and NKVE and that if we're anywhere else, say Japan or USA, the person in charge (plus his entire team) will be forced to resigned, but how amazing ours just get to sit comfortably safe from his overdue retirement, bullshitting his way through. For MRRII, I wonder how much of its allocation never made it. I really wonder.

I'm going to drive more safely.

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