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Arts Project

11 Nov 2004
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I've never mentioned this but one of the requirements this semester is Introduction to Arts which is bullshit. And when one mention Intro to Art in college one WOULD imagine learning the theories of painting styles and era, maybe an artist or 3, like Da Vinci or Picasso or Michaelangelo or Rembrandt or something, arts media....and stuff. But noooooo, it's all about those seni classes we had in secondary school. We have to DRAW. COLOR. PAINT. Using our hands, crayons, pencils, make sculptures! 3D representative or something!

Art! Argh!

Hello, we may be social science students, but I'm a writer, I ain't no artist.

And for our coursework fulfilment, we have to do a project with a partner, hold a one-hour, one-day gallery somewhere with the rest of the class, and have a presentation of our artwork. Why we choose to do what we do, why, culturally what's the benefit, why this particular colour, why this media, so on and so forth.

That sucks! SUCKS!

Until a lecturer point out, at least this isn't a subject you need to study and memorise for nights for. Hmmmmm. She have a point there.

My partner and I chose to make masks outta paper, 2 to represent Asia (Chinese opera or something or other, I dunno, my partner's handling those, and 2 for Europe, and what else is apt to represent Europe but masquerade masks?) Anyways, here are some of the snapshoots of my progress.

Kinda rough but the idea is there, no? Will post more pics after I decorate ém. Make 'em pretty.

A visitor made this comment,
looks like michael jackson

GenieOnTheLoose made this comment,
HAHAHA to delwyn
it does look pretty cool though...the mouth reminds me of freddie kruger...

A visitor made this comment,
Hey PuiYees , interesting project u got going on there...
Andrew Chua

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