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11 Nov 2004
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I wanted to post pics of my new laptop, my arts project and my dog. But you know old, trusty, reliable PC have no USB port so usually I'm forced to use my bro's computer, transfer to a diskette (cos he have no CD burner) and to my computer. Tedious work, and I'm too lazy for that. Imagine. When I got my computer, USB port was non-existent.

My new laptop, it practically have no diskette function, 3 USB ports, infrared, Bluetooth, no traditional 8-pin cables. Just USB ports, modem and speaker/mic plug. If I want to load photos from my digital cam to my laptop, insert the memory card into the slot. Bluetooth? Press on the button. As my friend said, the generation gap between my new laptop and my old computer is...humongous. It was funny back then.

Now I'm not so amused.

I was surfing using the lappy one day and goodness know what I clicked and a bug installed itself and from then onwards, God, everytime I'm online I can't surf, my browser's stuck and porn sites kept popping up. It. Was. ANNOYING.


I gotta reformat. I can't find the bug.

Oh by the way. Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code? It was clever. Good read, overall, though I'm now not so convinced about the invincibility of the truth as per se the Bible and the Koran and...oh. No worries. I'm not religious to begin with. But the clues and double contendres...? Clever.

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eh shaddap ah
I haven't read yet. Don't spoil for me =P

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