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College life

9 May 2004
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Oh. Shit. What has I gotten myself into? I should've just waited and gone to Form 6. Midnight confessions on the eve of major events...I'm freaked. I wanna shit in my pants. I'm having anxiety over college. Me, the cold-blooded me who laughed at others, the one who told Ben starting over in Aussie is no big deal...

I really feel for Ben now. Dude, hang in there.

Argh. Just packed my bag and set the alarm for 6am (such an ungodly hour) and oh. Clothes. Need to look for something clean to wear. What to expect? Will I make a fool for myself? Shall I take a leaf off Alvin's book and ...act cool? Sophisticated? Girlish? Bitchy? Timid? Talkative? Quiet?

(Watajoke. EVERYone who know Pui Yee knows she can't act to save her ass.)

Oh did I actually tell you directly? School College starts tomorrow, to an event they call Mass Call. Lots of speeches, sitting next to god-knows-who and awkward conversations.

It's Mother's Day today and such an unfillial daughter I am there is to be no celebration. I did not even tell her "Eppy Mom's Day". I figured she's right that as long as I don't give her heart attacks or make her angry/worried/disappointed it's better than wishing her some and lavishing her dinners and such. And then g back to being a heartless daughter.


Today I vacumned, wiped, soaped, washed and dried my car. She's ripe for some cleaning - the pandan leaves I stuff into her became brittle and do what brittle things to - they become dust. Took me 2 hours. I'm not attached to her. I don't name her. I don't even drive her often. And the only "decor" in there are 2 cassettes, 1 umbrella, 3 sunscreens, a box of tissue and used parking tickets.


And it's May 10 tomorrow. I love that date. Dya know why? :)

with open heart and eyes...
with open mind and soul...

Delwyn Lee made this comment,
Yealar yealar
Happy Birthday already

oh, 18 already this year
Old and legal enough to have sex children eh

A visitor made this comment,
Relaxman... college is kewl.

A visitor made this comment,
happy belated birthday sayang!
i'm getting you what you got me, if you're wondering...;)

and yeah, college is so much better than sec school. hang in there. and tell us all about it!


Amelia made this comment,
Ehehehe can't wait to hear all about yer new life there! :) I'm sure it'll be great..and happy birthday!

Alvin Choong made this comment,
If you're any lucky, college would probably be better for you than it was for me. having said that i'll probably miss this place once i leave.

*neTte* made this comment,
i already sang u a song
but i'll wish u again anyways. ;)
may u live to see ur grankids, greatgrankids, n even greatgreatgrankids (ynot? itz possible if u get married n have a baby like next yr n all ur descendents follow suit)

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