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1st Day

10 May 2004
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I'm beat. From going to college. And lessons haven't even started!

6am - handphone alarm ringing, pressed some random button and it stopped.

6.15am - dragged myself out of bed, showered.

7.15am - after breakfast, mom drove me to college.

8.10am - bewildered, herded by seniors into toilet to change shirts and settled into sex-segregated seats in hall.

10am - thinking, "My God. Can we cut the chase and get to the point already? And where's the fawked up VIPs who're supposed to arrive at 9am?! MC used phrases like "auspicious day", "climax of orientation", "ai de ku li, selamat datang!" as well as gibberish jokes. Of course, there's a sarcastic lady giving lame comments everytime someone spoke - "Good morning!"-"g'night", "y'all okay?"-"k-o", it's hard not to turn and just ask her, "sarcastic aren't we? spare us the nastiness". The urge is strong, but control, man, control.

12pm - finally getting a move on, got into a lecture theatre with my course mates (must've been around 1000 of us) and it's pretty daunting, cos I knew absolutely nobody. NOBODY! Unfortunately, 2 ah bengs were seated right next to me on the steps and yakked non-stop even as some people give talks in note-copying, no jotting down where to look for timetables and what to submit and where we will take our lessons, nah-tin except talk, talk, talk. After some games by our seniors, grouped into animals, and mine made the most noise as a cow so we get to tour first. Meaning no offense, but when your so-called guide hang on the phone all the time and do not address ALL of us directly, you tend not to know where you really are.

1.30pm - went alone up the main hall (again) to pick up a file I missed during registration, library to make ID card and walked out of campus for LRT feeder bus. Called Lean Chiew, complained for exactly 3 minutes before feeder bus arrived. And I waited 15 minutes in the heat!

3.10pm - in KL sentral, ate McDs and bought ticket.

3.30pm - sat and waited and waited and waited for the KTM (which arrived at 4.20pm) and saw a familiar face (!). I wasn't sure if he's in my school til he asked "hey, what's your name?". He was from SMKTBM and was from my chem tuition, turns out. Our conversation was the least strained all day, he just got back from NS, doing Business in some Uni near KLCC in Raja Chulan, uhm, and he got off in Segambut.

5.43pm - home and crashed. Totally crashed.

Thank God I only need to go back on Fri. And orientation? It's LAME. Lame. Did I mention it's lame? LAME! LAME LAME LAME lame lame.

Even my friend Bryan agrees so I'm not just waxing lyrical.

Jun Hoe made this comment,
Man, you poor thing! And to think that I just spend 3 nice days on a vacation while you were on your first trip to college. : P
Ok, before you kill me, just wanna tell you that orientation is tough, and yes, silly too. There's the whole been there, done that feel to it. But hang on and just focus on the fact that you get to start a fresh chapter in life, ignoring how scary it could be. I'd love to say more, but then I would bore you. So then ta, and take care in college.

A visitor made this comment,
hey remember me?i who lamented that my face is now on ur blog?(not that i really mind :P)
neway im kinda surprised cuz most of my frens also say there's either no orientation or oreintation suxx.
i really enjoyed my orientation...doin silly stuff, goin on treasure hunt, having a variety night...didn imagine uni wld b this fun.
guess it boils down to which party organises the orientation. mine was by the seniors with the sole purpose of their enjoyment(which i shall not elaborate now)
okok this is not to make u feel bad or anything k just that u need time to adjust to ur new surroundings n make new frens :) things can only get better ya?
Jee Ken

*neTte* made this comment,
hang in there baybeh,

Lo0py made this comment,
give it a chance b4 u think of other alternatives..... it just might grow on u :) and a piece of advice, f6 is NOT an option. there u have it.

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