Monday, March 19, 2007


29 May 2004
Uh. How come no comments? It's sadly discouraging. Not.

I'm posting some photos of our "newfound" dog. Well, technically, not newfound. Mom pick it up nearby the neighbourhood after seeing that mop for days. Personally I'm not that enthusiastic about it. It's male meaning it'll do the territorial pee thingy (which is STUPIDly anooyyyying) but my other dog, Kiwi, will also pee on TOP of the mop's pee meaning double work. There's the feeding to think about, the grooming...and I wonder why it didn't follow me stick to me like duck to waddling mom. Ha. Whatever that means.

Of course not forgetting our original mutt Kiwi.

Will post photos of TARC a.s.a.p. My bro used shortcuts in copying from camera drive to diskette. All the photos in that diskette never loaded. Stupid bro.

Sat classes are dumb. As if I didn't stress THAT enough. I'd thought there's 2 hours of BM today, one extra for replacement, but noooo, she said she has hal-hal lain. Dumb. Ber-dumb. Dumb dumb dumb. At least I get to go to CIT and use their very screwy computers.

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well if u want people to comment write something unique.

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argh!! doggy! cutesy doggie! me want see! me one day gonna crash your house to see! what's his name? mopper? ehehehehhe...too bad it's male...oh well...

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argh!!! he's so cute. he looks more like a stuffed toy i used to have years back!!! py,like i've told you, i know where u live.. *menacing voice*, lol. can u imagine me in menacing voice?
LOL. kiwi look gentle (though big). miss my betsy.
hmm... hal-hal lain? that's wrong isnt it? erm, either i have good memory or my bm is plain baddd.must be the latter though. allmy bm memorizing have gone down the dumps the moment i done my SPM

hippo of a gianne

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