Monday, March 19, 2007

Bloggin from college

Woo hoo whatdya know? I'm continuing the tradition! Of blogging from college! Started by Amelia and Phan Shean! And for the first time actually have the advanced editor interface (?) that I will not eevn use. Not used to the stupid keyboard and yeah privacy is minimal (if I glance to my right the girl's reading entertainment news and my left the other girl she's doing testimonials for friendster) but at least there's nobody walking by and peeping or summat. People just aren't THAT perved enough here. I think.

The connection's really fast. I'm impressed. Actually I'm impressed with any connection that's faster than my home PC's, and that really amount to nothing.

I have 90 minutes to kill right now. Actually, no. I have 1 hour left. Normally I'd avoid CIT (Centre of Information and Technology, cos I realise not everyone know what CIT is) cos the queue's horrendously LONG and hey there's nothing to do online in the morning anyway. Never been online at this hours for YEARS. Friends went to library to make ID cards and buy books. Surprisingly, I didn't even have to queue. Just spot a telltale green background monitor and scooted over. Maybe it's the hour. Heck.

They give us free 500 hours here. If I only kill one or two hours per week, that's 10 hours per month and 30 hours per semester. No way I'll be able to use it up, unfortunately. Damn. Can I please transfer the hours home? The problem here in TARC is the availability of computers wiht internet connection. From a bird's eyeview, I can maybe see 200? computers in the main lab. There's maybe 100 others in private rooms and carrels. So that's less than 400 and the student population is 13 000. You do your math.

TARC is okay now that I'm a week and a half over. The hours aren't THAT long and the student body ain't THAT traumatizing. Except for my BM lecturer (who really should just retire to grumpy women's home) the rest of them are okay. Have I already mentioned this? Then this is just a repeat. You may skip this para :). The workload is really piling too. It was just a question and a search and a tutorial one day, and the next, hooboy, all subjects (I'm taking 6 this sem) have tutorials to complete and crap, loads of reading to do.

The textbooks are really heavy. But...kinda cool too I suppose. They're American and NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING like Malaysian school textbooks. And it's in English. English proficiency isn't a big thing here. Granted, here and there (esp at the SPUS - sch of pre-u studies) there are pockets of bananas and proper English spoken aloud. But some of my classmate's? They're atrocious. Like, last evening, during Econs lecture, one fella didn't understand the word 'shift'. ...He has his work cut out for them, that.

Sat classes can't be canceled. It won't be FAIR to other CPS students who all have Sat classes too. NOT FAIR, they say. Not fair!? Ha! Where in this world is there 100% justice? I'll tell you what's not fair. It's not fair for them to haul us to college for an hour of BM under the tutelage of Mrs. Grumpy-pumpy. It's not fair having such a pleasurable activity on a weekend itinerary. No, Jose, THAT is what NOT FAIR really meant.

Then last Sat since mom was at Tung Shin Hosp for some reasonable reason (you KNOW where's that, right?) and I was supposed to find my way there to go home with her. So I stopped at Masjid Jamek LRT from Wnagsa Maju, and decided since the weather's permitting, I'd walk rather than hailing a taxi. First I'd save money. Then there's a traffic jam. I walked, and I walked and I walked. Masjid Jamek to Kotaraya to Puduraya and finally to where Tung Shin is at. Er to be honest I was cautious, but there's no valid reason to be paranoid. Plenty normal looking citizens are walking on the streets - students, office workers. There WERE pimps and bus conductors yelling destinations, especially at Puduraya, but no one approached me or anything. And the old shops are something to be seen, the street vendors and the lone beggar. Oh, and the thrownaway mattress on top of this slope. The top side looks new and clean, but er I don't think I wanna know what I'd see if someone flipped it over. Then mom drove over to Berjaya Times Square where she found her beloved Vietnamese beef noodles at last. She always complain about the ciplaks- especially Secret Recipe's. But yeah finally she cease her nagging at a restaurant called, unsurprisingly, Little Vietnam. Duh.

So...after blogging what do I do? Surf? Right. Where? So far there's no "BAR STUDENT - surfing porn page" alarm ringing. I wonder if they even have such filters. Okay I do think they do. The OS is a bit disorienting - for instance there's no taskbar at the bottom of this page. There's no Alt-Tab command. And you can do only one fucking browser at a time.

Harry Potter's coming out. Uh should I go watch it and kill my imagination some more? Sirius looks like such a sleezeball. UGH. Those movie production people are so terrible at casting. And what's with Ron's new Beatles hairdo?!

Yeah I think I'll be surfing. It's so WEIRD pouring your thoughts out sitting in the middle of a computer lab with so many people around me.

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