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New morning, new day

21 May 2004
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Since blogs appear only 2 or 3 days after I blogged, I might as well write this one down and wait. Right?

I guess things do look up after you look at it from a fresh perspective. Wednesday was much better, I hang out with different people and had a new class - English. The lecturer is actually my favourite among all my lecturers. Well actually I haven't met my BM lecturer yet, but I think it's safe to say I like her a lot. A LOT. Cos you know, in sec school...most of my English teachers are just so-so.

My economics lecturer is really good too. REALLY good. I liked the fact that in college things are more liberal...lecturers can make loads of jokes and off-color comments, and talk about things teachers in school avoid. And I cannot deny I like the freedom colleges grant their students - to come and go as they please, loose dress codes and independance. Classes move around like American-style, but God I learn to appreciate the Malaysian style where WE stay put and the teachers do the rushing. I sweat like shit nowadays, even thinking of bringing extra shirts to college. But I get the time to do what I want, peruse newspapers and try not looking too "freshman-ish"...but the books are, God, expensive.

I did find other tutorial-mates (I'm in M4B1) who're at a more compatible least our first conversations consists of denying ever watching Power Rangers/Sailormoon/Ultraman. And imitating Ah Wong and doing all the Ultraman Ultra-laser beam to kill off trees...just kiddish, funny, light things.

People there come from really diverse background. I chatted with 2 guys from different parts of Sarawak and there are those from Johore, Klang, Subang, PJ, and the ones who love nearby like Sri Rampai and Melawati. There's a girl from Kelantan and one from Kota Belut in Sabah. And Penang.

I was amazed.

And discovering people I thought are my years-long friends...aren't really. You'd think 5 years later people grow more mature...but I didn't see certain things coming. I'm really starting on a blank slate. And that sort of hurts. In a sense I've come home at TARC, and I've gone to a warzone in TARC.


I'd better read up on Econs rather than dwelling on things I have no control over.

Starting college give me things to write about too, so I guess that's good. I'm ignoring ICQ and MSN Messenger messages just to blog, that's a new thing. And I don't just write objectively and detachedly...I don't know how I'm explaining this, right now, I know I'm writing like I used to...long time ago. More subjective, more from-the-heart sort of stuff..y'know?

Jun Hoe made this comment,
Yup, starting college is a whole new experience, though it feels it has a bit of the old, the new and unknown. Me, I'm going to start university in a few weeks, and I'm already dreading it. More out of laziness rather than wariness.
Just go through it like you always have, but keep your eyes open. Some things may seem the same, but they're not. And you might yet find treasures in corners you never thought of before.

*neTte* made this comment,
*hug* *hug* dahling.
ur last post almost made me cry for u.
haha, well, ALMOST is the key word.
anyways, i'm glad ur settling in.
n i'm glad u have things to BLOG about!

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