Monday, March 19, 2007

Cos it's funny

27 Apr 2004
1. NAME: puiyee

2. DO YOU THINK YOU'RE NORMAL: uh, define normal. cos see, i'm normal by my own definition. take that.

3. DO PEOPLE FIND YOU STRANGE: do you, huh? do you?

4. DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD : uh, yes? rather believe in ethics.

5. DO YOU SIN A LOT: uh. next question.

6. DO YOU BACKSTAB: i'm puiyee. go figure.

7. ARE YOU A GOOD FRIEND: not nowadays.

8. ARE YOU IN LOVE: with myself? yeah!

9. ARE YOU YOUNG: define young. is it innocence, biological, mental or what?

10.EVER BEEN A LEADER OF SOMETHING: like, backstabbing?

11.EVER KILLED A LIVING CREATURE: i ate a lot of meat and vege since the day i can eat i'm so sinful.

12.LAST ODD THING DONE: going to an unknown territory with loud music and masses of humanity.

13.DO YOU WEAR MAKE-UP: lipgloss.

15.EVER STARTED A "FIRE": loads.

16.DO YOU THINK YOU'RE : bitchy? bored? nasty? ugly? sarcastic? cynical? foolish?

17.DO YOU LIKE LYING: no (that's a lie, too).

18.DO YOU REGRET: starting "fires"?

20.DO PEOPLE HATE YOU: can't please everybody, see. no desire to.

21.DO YOU HATE PEOPLE: i can name but a few :)


23.DO YOU CUT YOURSELF?: when i fall down due to klutziness, yeah.

24.EVER TASTED BLOOD: yeah. duh.

25.DO YOU CARE WHAT OTHERS MAY THINK OF YOU?: tell me who don't?

26.EVER DONE ANYTHING OCCULT: is tarot cards occult?

27.ARE YOU GOTHIC: call me casually yuppishly ungoth.

28.DO YOU SMOKE: don't touch 'em.

29.CONSUME DRUGS: *slurps* i'm innocent.

30.WHAT DO YOU WEAR: clothes, as in fabrics. whadya think? fur? leaves? paper?

31.YOUR SKIN COLOR: not relevant.

32.DO YOU LIKE THE SUN: when i'm indoors.

33.HAVE YOU LOST SOMEONE YOU LOVE: well. yeah...yea.


36.YOUR HEART DESIRES TO BE WITH WHOM: jeez. hmm. next q.

37.YOUR LISTENING TO: the voice in my head

39.DID THIS QUIZ MAKE SENSE: er, in exploiting my dark traits? and giving up my virtuous appearance? yea.

40. HOW ARE YOU TODAY: extra-nasty.

41. WHAT IS YOUR NAME : wtf. i answered THAT already.

42. Note: Got this off friendster.

Alvin Choong made this comment,
was not this on friendster bulletin board?

*neTte* made this comment,
wel, she did say she got it off friendster. No.42. ;) so, when do they give u the money? cheque?

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