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A cult named Cohe-rAnt

13 Jul 2003 01:28
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Song: Menghitung Hari - Kris Dayanti
Mood: Distant
Word: CoheRant
My brain is saying: Let's start a cult!
Time: 00:20, Sun Morning
Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:] 300 or 400 Digital Camera. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

First solemn announcement will be my blog's total hit list has well exceeded 1000 hits as of 12 July 2003. Took me just a lil less than four months..phew!

Secondly...okay. I went overboard in the rant dept yesterday...not that I feel differently today. Nothing changes the fact. Truth is truth.

Happier things to say today, which is, yeah, I passed Highway Code yawns because it was piece of cake anyway! Yeah, furthur information:

I scored 49/50, which amounts to 98%, in under 7 minutes. Am I proud? Nope. Why? Because it's 98%, not 100%! Ugh what kind of perfection this monster is aiming for? Why? Because her friend scored 100% in 23 minutes! Where did I go wrongggggGGggggg....jokin', jokin'. I felt a pang, of course. As usual, I'm inferior to another. When will it be the day I'll be top cat?! Still remember this fella at the next test carrel, he was inside for 10 minutes before I went in, he saw me choosing the carrel and sitting down, do the test, easy, stood up, stretch and left with wide eyes. He came out only 30 minutes later.

When we're still in our Driving Institution, the person-in-charge was explaining what to click, where, when, the works. Then he informed us repeats can be done at RM 17 each. I was thinking, who the hell will repeat? Next time, I won't talk big. More then half failed, one didn't even score anything (he clicked Next Question instead of Submit) and most repeated at least once. I and shioked. It pays to be a computer nut. At least you understand instructions, can type on a keyboard and operate a mouse.

Oh well. Learner's Driving License (LDL) next. Homework, ironing tomorrow. Where's everybody tonight??!! I wanna chat and talk, you know?!

Oyeah. If anyone has been to, you'd know what's it about. I received an email from a certain person informing me I have a spelling error in my profile...CoherAnt instead of coherent...and then he asked if it was intended as a pun to weed out the quasi-intelligents from the truly intellectual. We joked a bit on that...plans on starting a Website for the ranters who make sense, kinda like, you know, loads of bullshit, but you won't get lost, called CoheRant and off my head, I know Amelia, Gianne and Seph will be the pioneering batch of Ranters. Howszat, guys? Fancy such idea?

Standard Form for Setting up a Cult:
Name: CoheRant
Objective: To worship, perfect, practice and practise crap, bullshit, babble and rants that makes PERFECT logical sense
i. To recruit as many worshippers as possible.
ii. To talk crap to a stranger at least twice a week.
iii. To share crap and rant ideas at monthly meetings.
iv. To create an idealogy, logicalogy and philosophy.
Additional: Cult membership is free *conditions apply*. Welcome one, welcome all.
Conditions: Members must prove to be apt at coheRanting, interviews and go-sees will be conducted by the 5 top cult pioneers.
Contact 016-CoheRant-1800 for more information today!

Grins, agree, Ma'am Dacrapalogicalist?

A visitor made this comment, have it bad i tell ya...REAL bad.

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