Monday, March 19, 2007


23 Aug 2004
HELL-O you!

*boink! boink!*

I'm SO ...

Okay, in truth, I don't feel boinky. I feel...toinky. As in, something that falls from a high place and toink and won't bounce back.

Nothing to do with feeling depressed, I promise! Just that finals is end of this week through next week and I'm only *this* (thumb and index finger stuck together) prepared.

Alamak! Time to panic!

push panic button

Yer, I hate this la. Swotting and revising and memorising into the dead of the night...and I've yet to begin.

I got one week of study leave, and so far, I've spent 3 watching Olympics (God, Micheal Phelps is GORGEOUS! Svetlana Khorkina is...uh..I don't know. I like her.)

I spent today cleaning up and dusting my room. Gracious, I'm ashamed to admit it's like a pig sty and as dusty as an old abandoned mansion and I've thrown out 3 big bagful (the black, trash can variety of bag) of junk and it hardly seem to reduce the sheer volumn of...junk I've accumulated over the years. Itu la. Who ask me to keep, keep, keep, collect, collect, collect everything?

Took a lot of photos of my doggie Baby Berry but too lazy to upload. Will post here soon. Emphasize, SOON.

One more thing. Don't you guys agree Friendster is an arena for everyone to show off their huge number of friends and a few dozen sterling testimonials? It's kinda sickening, the way everyone in college internet lab is hooked to Friendster and basically spend all their time writing testimonials. It's just a nitpick with me that when I twist my head here and there it's Friendster, Friendster, Friendster. Ugh. And then there's the evil spawns Hi5 and Z-something and goodness know what.

I've ran out of things to say, now.

Will be my last blog in August, this.

See you guys in September.

Be good, Andrew *evil grin*.

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Me? Naughty? Oh no no no.... me = good boy.... muahaha
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