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Break it is!

4 Sep 2004
I am right. I blog in September.

You are right. I need a break. And I'm getting a BREAK!

As of 03 September 2003, I'm done with my first semester of college, and my last final paper, which was Principles of Accounts (I'm not even going into how nightmarish that was..okay, maybe I will, a little, Accounts was nightmarish y'hear me? NIGHMARISH! It was illogical, nonsensical, unfathomable, terrible, horrendous [and I'm not running out of vocabulary] and tremendously traumatizing experience in college by far. In short, NIGHTMARISH!)

I guess I'm crossing my fingers for a couple of Aces and a couple of Bs and a ...a...a pass for Accounts. Despite the gung-ho and all the exclamations (coupled with a couple of eyerolls, pun intended) about resitting together with the rest of my class for accounts paper next semester, I have no inclination to go through it again. Look, if I want to do any accounts, mm hmm, okay, I will pay an accountant, alright, to do it for me, mm hmm, okay?

God. Accounts really despirit me and demean my being and...and...*twitter twitty twatter drama queen-er*

Oh. I'm feeling mean. During Accounts exams, as I looked through the questions and counting the pity marks I may get, I looked up and saw a girl sitting diagonally in front of me. She was wearing this rusty red shirt. There's nothing wrong with the shirt. Except...I noticed the label (on the collar) is outside. Then, I saw the washing instruction label ...outside. Then, well, I saw the seams and the thread and...she was wearing her shirt in reverse! When it hit me I smirked and tried my best to be politically correct by saying maybe she dressed in the dark and not notice she had her shirt the wrong way and people do not look at themselves as they walk...until the exam ended. Just couldn't resist turning behind and gesture to my friends. And you know what, the sight of the hapless girl walking around was just a tad too much. And I'm such a good girl I won't even mention the way her bra ride up to practically her shoulders. Nope, I will not mention that here.

One month of nothingless. Gosh, guess that's a bit too much. Should I return to the zoo and volunteer some? Coach my bro in his coming PMR? Why can't Olympics happen a month later instead of smack in the middle of my approaching exams? And how I regret seeing Langkawi Jr Brats photos in the papers and saw the senior Brats and know that I should've been there, should've been the one help facilitating instead of needing to do a raincheck because of, well, EXAMS? Kind of scared I might not get another freakin' chance. ARGH!

And Hanna, cheeky, crazy, sweet Hanna left for Illinois, USA. Man I'll miss her, though she'll be back in December and June. How nice it is to be able to study abroad...wonder if I ever will get my ticket out as well...

I'm feeling sleepy. It's not even 1am yet. Too many late nights. I'm getting paranoid about getting huge, permanent eyebags. Wanna crawl to my bed and wake up a week later.

I'm chronically out of things to say so I'll stop my deranged chatter here.

Uh, or no.

The Russian terrorism attack...*sigh* what can I say about it? 150 kids died BECAUSE they went to school...? Hell, that's like 4 classes of us in entire lecture hall.

Picking on medics, volunteers, journalists, businessmen, students, other words, defenseless, untrained civillians...don't the world know fairplay anymore? Just because YOUR life is less valuable than YOUR cause, don't assume ANOTHER person thought so about his/her own life, too.

These 150 kids were just going to school to learn. And the survivors...the images of the bodies they saw...I hope this matter won't be put aside very very soon, just because they're not Americans. If they can remember 9/11, please remember this, too.

This is not the way to liberalism. This is not the way to peace. No no no no. Not by stepping on so many foot and taking so many lives with yours. Rot in hell, you conscienceless monsters. My hands turn cold just by typing this out. I'm eternally grateful I'm born here in this time of peace ...not in Sudan, not in Rusia, not in the Gaza Strip, not in, in Malaysia.

My grief, regret and sadness.

Amelia made this comment,
Darn you gurl! One whole month of break time! This is sooooooo not fair lahhh!!! I'm on break too...Study break@! Doesn't even feel like a Break! Gah! Down with A'Levels.

A visitor made this comment,
* Disgusted & angry * That is sooooooooo mean and not funny at all okay??? That girl may be soooo super panic about her accounts just liked you that she accidentally wore her shirt in reverse.
Btw, which idiot would purposely embarass herself in public and at college.And, what if you are the one who is stranded in that kind of situation???
Just think about it. : P
Not amused at all

GenieOnTheLoose made this comment,
one reason why i went for brain cramping! the downsidei'm gawking at the boo-ti-foool stuff from pals while mine resemblessomething like mashed potato. as for the chechen terrorists... burn burn in hell!
btw, 'not amused at all', ah well, sometimes we're the bird and at other times we're the statue. chill.

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