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I give no shit

6 Sep 2004
Time: 00:57

See, I'd like to make a statement. 'Not amused at all', from your tone, I would like to think that you do know me and in fact, we're friends. No worries, we still are. Just, see, what I want to write in my blog, I will. Cos you know, this is my server space and, ah, know how it relates to my unfinished sentence? And then, I respect that you're smart and therefore need no more further explanation. Of course, college taught me that what I've said, it did not even count as libel, as it did not satisfy 3 out of 5 conditions needed for libel:


By the way, libel is not a crime, mm hmm, okay?
Oh this is just conversational. I'm the statue, not the bird, mm hmm, okay?

Anyway. Yesterday and today (Saturday and Sunday) has been great. After playing invisible to my friends the entire day on Friday (leaving my phone charging upstairs on silent mode) I got my act and managed to ferry 5 - Mei Mei, Tze Wurn, Yen Nee, Kok Kean & Terry - of my friends to my house from Kepong KTM and nearby college for one noble reason, barbeque!

Of course, there's some mishaps. For example, nobody got the charcoal burning for an hour and my porch light fuse blown out and we forgot to defroze nuggets and chicken balls (what are you thinking!) but superman arrive in the disguise of my aunt and her husband. We got the pit lighted and festivities begun.

Somehow, the charred chicken wings were tastier, the corn crunchier, the sweet potato sweeter and the burnt sausages were delicious. Maybe it was the company of my friends, my cousins, my mom, my bro, my aunt and her husband. Maybe it was because exams were behind us. Maybe it was for other reasons. Maybe there's no other reasons. But this is a very good weekend for me. It's been such a long long while I spent this much time with friends without worrying about money, time or what I should say.

My cousin was standing haphazardly near the fire pit and 'fanning' and singing nursery rhymes he learnt in, where else, nursery, my dog was circling our plastic tables like Jaws sniffing for leftovers and Terry did not help any by throwing food at hime at regular intervals, KK and Yen Nee was trying to be invisibly huggy and sweety to each other and as the fires grow low and the moon taller, we sat around the table and chatted about nothing and everything. After clearing and cleaning, we showered, played an over-cheesy, over-teenaged and over-hyped movie of Bring It On (yes, cheerleaders). 3 people (you. know. who. you. are.) fall asleep at the duration of the movie and then after scaring my mom when our house alarm rang (yeah, smart move, going to toilet beside kitchen at 3.30am), we proceed to my bedroom, played card tricks and slept at ...was it 4.30 am? 5am?

Woke up at 11am, had breakfast in kopitiam, came home and watched half of some lousy production and gossiped about past and next semester and went to Selayang Mall for only the benefit of an ice cream cone and walking in the rain back home. It was just a mundane activity, walking in the rain, and some people might call it crazy. Who's the crazy ones? Rain's so nice.

Well that was my weekend. I appreciated that a lot. I appreciate my now-not-so-new college friends a lot. I appreciate nothing is so-secondary school a lot. Yeah, life's pretty good, huh? *knockwood to avoid jinx*

I've got some burning current issues discussed to death, but rather no mention here. News would always be news and every day there's new news, good and bad news and we're immune to every news unless it So, yeah. No news is good news. Yep.

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