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The Girl Who Lived

29 Oct 2003
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Song: Jurassic Park OST
Mood: Relieved
What I had last: Nasi Lemak from school canteen
My brain is saying: Gosh, I just came back from school in AMELIA's car.
Time: 12:11
Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

I hereby declare from now onwards, I'll self-proclaim the title "The Girl Who Lived".

To make a short story shorter, I went to school today to collect my exam slip and forecast results and guess how did I come home? Yep, on my best friend Amelia's car. I mentioned in my last blog she had a new car. Turns out her driving to school today made that her driving 4th time on her precious Kenari.

Let me begin at the beginning. Upon reaching our classes, she hailed me down and proceed to ask me if I wanna see her (impressive) car keys. I declined and went and see anyway. She was so excited and perky and jumpy and talkative it's like eating marshmellows for breakfast, jelly beans for lunch and chocolate cream for dinner - sweet and sickening. And then her excitement climaxed and she actually looked like a deflated balloon and sat at her table quietly. Well, she behaved for the rest of the day, mwahaha.

Then time to go home. After waiting impatiently for all her 4 passengers to board her car, we drove this guy home, and boy, did she slightly freak out or what. She kept proclaiming her [P] (probational) status to nobody in particular and went too close to the shoulder of the road. Okay, admittedly she WAS good for someone who's driving into Selayang Jaya for the first time, but it was nontheless very "chi kik". I wouldn't mind having her drive me around after some more practice, though nobody will see her on the roads to KLCC for LOTR III...

'ey 'melia, thanks fer the ride and I wish I can see Sing Yieng's mom freak and your mom's face when you tell her you drove Pui Yee all the way back home...gahahaha!

And woi, you guys know it's time to wish me good luck edi. Keep the SMSses coming and those who don't have it, ICQ me or something! I need ALL the luck in the world!

Here's my timetable:
3 Nov
Biology I
Biology II
Biology III

5 Nov
Add Math I
Add Math II

6 Nov
Math I
Math II

10 Nov
History I

11 Nov
English I
English II
History II

13 Nov

18 Nov
Physics I
Physics II
Physics III

20 Nov
Chemistry I
Chemistry II
Chemistry III


A visitor made this comment,
Never ever ever ever again am I driving to a place i'm unfamiliar with! NEVAH! No more i tell you! no more! not until i brush up me driving skills. btw not bad for a newbie eh? I got four peeps back home safely. A record i tell you!

A visitor made this comment,
good luck

Alvin Choong made this comment,
Good luck, Pui Yee.

Delwyn Lee made this comment,
Wow. I didnt knew u listen to John Williams too. U must lend me that OST someday.
Anyway Good luck for ur Spm. Kacang lar....ahaha

A visitor made this comment,
go get them girl. those As i mean. ;)
*neTte* []

A visitor made this comment,
Good luck, Pui Yee!!! Fyi, I'm back in KL - for good now (or at least for the next couple of years). And yes, I'm coping with missing my boyfriend, looking for a job and keeping myself occupied! Gah!
ichimei []

Ganaesh made this comment,
yello, pui yee! remember me? well, maybe not. anywayz, it's ganaesh here. good luck for your spm! and good work on the 'panduan' for this year! :p visit my bloggie and tell me how it is, kay? ciaoz!
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