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26 Oct 2003
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My brain is saying: Nice, HOT weather we have today...oh my God, I'm talking weather
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Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

Sometimes, I think of myself as cruel. 4 blogs in this whole entire month? Wow. That's record-breakingly disgusting lame. But then, there's nothing to write about anyway. Like I said, MANY times, my life has taken such a back seat, the incident of someone puking coca-cola out through his nose is hilariously discussed for the entire week. Yep, it's THAT lame.

Ha. I'm commiting the cardinal sin of procrastinating. Opps, did I say sin of xxx? Sounded like an Add Math trigonometry rule, doesn't it? Shit. I've been reduced to add math slave. Everything looked add mathy nowadays. Tangy food reminds me of tangents, apple pie sounded like pi, you know, 22/7 (3.142)? Even the beta version of ICQ reminded me about quadratic equations. The country's progressing and a brand new PM will step up, and all I can think of is arithmatic/geometrical progression (janjang).

This is so lousy. I've been doing days of add math and nothing else. True to my joke, for all I know, I'll improve in add math and everything else goes...down.

Oh yes, I'm complaining, but hey, who isn't reduced to whining 1 week before major exams? So it's alright, don't drop messages of hugs or advice. Just do me a favour and plan me a greeeeat post-SPM bash (yeah, I mean you, LC). A stress-debuster, whatever it'll be called. And Sipadan exactly 19 days after SPM. that's 2 weeks of non-stop PARTY!

Wanna hear a joke? I've been stuck in my home, cutting school and it must've done something to my immune system. Because last Saturday my mom finally bought us to a shopping trip to Mutiara IKEA and Tesco, and you know what? I came down with high fever for 3 days that night itself. A month at home, a trip to the mall and 3 days of high fever? A great price to pay. God must be punishing me for taking pleasure without working for it.

Let's see. In the past 2 weeks:
1. A friend got a new car. Boy, was she modest about it too. She didn't brag at all you know? Serious! She just called and informed everybody she knew in the whole world. Of course, I congratulated her in double quick time, using the shortest and most insulting sentence: 2 digit number. And I'm the best liar in the world if you believed the part about non-bragging. (Ho ho no offense included, ya?)

2. I got hooked to Rollercoaster Tycoon - again. It's a game where you build your own theme park with certain conditions and achieve certain goals. I used to play it every day, few hours per day, and when my bro keep getting "upgrades", I decided to try them, and well, I'm hooked. There's a certain fascination to drowning your park see their arms flailing and the message board saying "Your park guest is drowning". Almost SIM-city like.

And 1 month from this day, 26th Oct 2003:
1. I've finished SPM.
2. I've finished the most basic of education - 11 years of uniformity, of torture, of good days and bad.
3. I'll look forward to LOTR III: Return of the King
4. I've seen some of my schoolmates for 5 years for the last time.
5. I'll have 2 weeks before heading to Sipadan Mabul.
6. I'll have 2 months of pure vacation.
7. Thinking about the next step, which for the first time, becomes OPTIONAL.
8. I'll give hell to add math and physics.
9. I'll stop making dumb lists like this one.

I'm sleepy. Will go get some winks.
Oh, and, I AM a liar.

Nobody spewed coke from their noses.

I made that up.

jackson yeoh made this comment,
nyahahaa. post spm bash?? why me??? ohkay la after spm u me and gianne do something. dunno what but we'll think after the spm.
that day i saw this girl saying hi to me at the bus stop. i thoguht it was u cause she seems to be like looking at me. until i realize she is actually saying hi to a girl next to me. but that girl does look like u. i was like, whats pui yee doing in Petaling Jaya at 5 PM? heh. so we definitely need to meet up to clarify each othres face. heheh.

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