Monday, March 19, 2007

Here ya go

11 Sep 2004
Time: 22:53

Witnessed during introductions in a committee meeting in college:

Guy #1: Hi, my name starts with an M and ends with an S!
1 second lapse
Guy #2: Uh, My ass?
Room stunned, tittering heard, full on laughter.
Guy #1: *Bengang*'s Marcus. Guess it backfired, huh?


Was watching a light programme on TV and Mr. Somebody asked in general:

Let's say you're given 10 difficult tasks to do. You've done 9, however you just could not, just am unable to complete the 10th. What would you think about yourself?

His Answer.
You would bang yourself up. Maybe even think of yourself as stupid, maybe lose your confidence about your intelligence. But what about those other 9 tasks? You took for granted that to be able to complete it is a normalcy, nothing out of ordinary. Why didn't you just give yourself a pat on your back for every task completed, instead of banging yourself for not being able to finish the 10th?

My Answer.
Heck. Cos we're human. Our demand on ourselves are beyond another's expectations. If we don't push ourselves, who will? But I guess it hit me in the face. Instead of breathing with relieve I finished up my economics paper, I was heard moaning and whining about the fact that I forgot a formulae and had thrown 4 marks down the drain. Or that I forgot to elaborate on a point on Computers paper, when it probably would only cost me a mere 2 marks. My friends, exasperated, whacked me and told me to just shut the hell up. But, see, that 4 or 2 marks may be the ones that cost me a C instead of a B, or a B instead of an A. Ah well.


A moment of silence,

for the victims of 9/11. For USA, even though and despite the bitterness, the hype and the fact that sometimes, they forget people in other parts of the world are suffering, too.

for them - mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, family. Friends.

for the children whose lights are snuffed out, for mommy and daddy who sent their kids to be educated and gotten a chokeful of education on cruelty and desperation and inhumanity, for entire families wiped out. For the Russian siege.

Moment over.

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