Tuesday, March 20, 2007


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Ladies and gentlemen, babies and elephants, dudes and dudettes, deys and machas, oys and weis...

Allow me the absolute pleasure to announce.....

Not only my semester finals are over, I'm also on semester break! One month! I'm on HOLIDAYS!











*Does a jiggle and a half twist and an imaginary spin*

Ahaha. I'm so excited. And relieved. And apprehensive. Mostly relieved. None of my friends believe it too, that an entire semester just flew.

14 weeks.....spent. Weeks of procrastination, weeks of back-to-back, tears-and-stress-inducing assignments, tonnes of paperwork plus arts project on top and some misunderstandings and on my part, some bitchiness and...then finals.

English first. Followed by Arts. Which I hope I do okay especially with the drawings. And then BM. In front of collegemates I said I *screwed* the paper. In my own brain and in front of Shek Jan (cos he was saying it too) I was repeating the mantra: I fucked the paper. Fucked the paper. Fuck! Fuck! I can't believe I fucked up the instructions...I know. Unladylike. Damn. I fucked BM. Another B for BM...bah. And yes, I totally screwed Computer Studies paper, I think I passed, nowhere near B, much less A...even I am not THAT delusional enough to hope. Public Speaking I did okay, no idea about the essays part, hopefully not too bad, knock on wood. Final paper, Management Studies. Did not read much for it...I was getting so bored and tired of it all....dón't know if I did enough for an A. I just don't know. And right now, don't care.

My haphazard studying methods need to go, though. Studies at 11pm, get tempted and am online for 2 hours, study more at 3.30 am and finally succuming to slumber at 4.30am. I'm on tatters when it comes to dragging myself awake and staying awake to drive back home. But. I'm so bored and like, there's some inner force that force me to NOT feeling like studying, at all. No motivation. It's just so....boring. BORING!

Interestingly, while selling off my semester 1 textbooks, I talked with one of the January batch psychology major. Think her name is Bee Sim, she's from Penang and what struck me is how similar our goals about studying psychology is. I've yet to change my major, I still hope to minor in journalism but....and then there's HELP which is appealing mainly for it's more concentrated, specialised syllabus. UTAR's more on sociology and social sciences. Not....psychology. I don't know. On the fence, confused.

Well. Not going to think too much. I'm on HOLIDAYS,shifting house and other, more pleasant things to think about.

Last shoutout: Hi, HOLIDAYS!

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