Tuesday, March 20, 2007


12 Jan 2005
Time: 02:41
Mood: Down and out

Nope I'm not sick and can't afford to be. Exams start in the matter of hours. 2pm on Thursday, my English paper.

And Friday, An Intro to Arts. Have I studied for them? Not really. I've been procrastinating for weeks and continue to do so. I hate myself for this, but I just can't find the motivation and drive to revise and memorise things. It's as if my brain's overflown by...nothing. Debris. Useless things.

Lord, revising is so BORING. It's so BORING. It's so BORING! The words blurred and my mind drifts and I'll be doing something else, even if it meant doodling or falling asleep.


Vicious cycle I'm in. Lord. One week! Give me the strength! Help me help myself through this!

I've lost all feel. I'm mediocre. For my writing. For my life. The passion. Where is it? HELLO! Come back!

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