Friday, March 16, 2007

Many meetings

23 May 2003 23:40
At the moment
Song: Li Kai Wo - Micheal & Victor Wong
Mood: Improved
Word: Finagle
My brain is saying: Weekends...blessings!
Time: 23:01

Hahaha...I felt a lot better today, despite a bad Physics paper. Maybe ironically I breezed through English (heh, let me see if i get >85%) and slept the rest of the 1 hour 10 minutes away. Cheers! Friday! No paper tomorrow! YAHOO! Can't really describe why I'm suddenly so much lighter. Maybe Bio n Physics nightmare's gone and there' only 4 more subjects to sit for come Mon and Tues...maybe cos tonight many old friends turned up online for tete-a-tetes...maybe.

Make it short and sweet, just like a good girl :).

Over and out.

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