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Messy messy mess

25 Sep 2003
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What I had last: Prawn noodles
My brain is saying: Brain? There's only dust and stagnant matter.
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Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

I sneaked online.

I love that word. One more time.

I sneaked online.

Oh not that it mattered. I'm half-comatose anyway. After this blog, emails and posting some stuff on the BRATs forum, I'll gladly invite myself to oblivion.

Exams sucked.

Bio I & II sucked.
Physics I & II sucked.
Chem I & II sucked.
Math I sucked.
Math II didn't suck.

Surprised? Don't be. It's the only paper I can do without thinking "DOOM! DOOM! DOOM!" I kinda...enjoyed it even. And speedy my who always try to finish papers ahead of time so that I can sleep nearly can't finish it on time. Question 12's fault. For just 3 marks, I spent 1 hour on perfecting the graph. Kinda stupid...I suddenly realise. It'll be funny if there's a mistake and 3 marks poof up in the air...

For 3 nights I cracked the books til 4 am. And the only night I give in at 2.30 am, I woke up late. School starts at 7.30 am. Paper starts at 8 am. Me, I gloriously woke up at 7.40 am. Howszat? I made it to class only 5 minutes late.The teacher didn't even bat an eyelid. Guess it was obvious I haven't even fully woke up.

Add Math I & Bio III

And next week:
Add Math II & Chem III
Physics III

Oh doom doom doom. Opps. I mean, joy joy joy.

And that's the boring details.

Now the juicy bits:
My class has never been famous for it's academic performance.
Lately, it's been in the limelight - for cheating.
And it's rampant and rabid.
People just put books under their desks and help themselves to it throughout the paper. At first I ignored it. And then I got a little...geram. That's Malay for pissed. Here I am, squeezing my un-cooperative brain for the hidden, mini-memories of something that resemble coherant information. There they are, copying gleefully, not even being discreet. And the teacher conveniently reading newspapers. So...I tattled. I knowwwww it's so terrible of my to tattle......but, but...this is TRIALS! I hate it when they tell me how "brilliant I am because I answered everything" and then proceed to ask "weh, 2.(D)ii, what's the answer?" Very funny.

And MORE juicy bits:
My poor classmate rushed to his girlfriend's class right after Maths paper to -whatelse? -look for his girlfriend. Who should he run into but my glorified Miss-Umbridge's-twin-sister-ex-biology-teacher? Ah. That woman went into the spinster-bitch mode immediately and ran into the wrong class (and I was there) shouting for him. We happily tell her "wrong class la! next door...aiyooo". I ran back to my class in time to witness him being hauled off by her and yelled at and *gasp* taken to the disciplinary master (another vile human, but it's a long story). Her girlfriend got called something and cried her eyes out. That stupid teacher is a stupid stupid stupid idiot. No wonder she's not married.

Yay. Mom just caught me. Cya.

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