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Now I'm...

3 Apr 2004
Time for a new Let's Play 20 Facts about myself, no?

It's getting stale. I blogged that last year and much has changed since.

Just some facts of me, in no particular order (and I admit I took this off my best fwend's site...)

1) Name's Pui Yee. Or puiyee. Or PY, as my friends are fond of calling me, online. Khpui to one or two...and another one or two call me PuizzZz. Do I like it? No.

2) Birthday's on 10 May 1986. Mother's Day that particular year. I'm a Tiger-Taurus-whatever. Obviously not into astronomy or zodiatry.

3) Born and bred a KLite. I lived in Kepong, Cheras, Ampang, and now Selayang. Right beside FRIM. That's the forest reseach, dolt. It's exquisite, the irony. I know people who travel an hour or two every weekend to jog/walk in FRIM while we who live barely 7 minutes from the entrance rarely use the facilities.

4) I'm proud to say I was from SMK Kepong.WAS. It was a great 5-year stint, there. Actually...I miss school. A lot.

5) Wasn't in NS, no feelings about it, but hey I always insist I'm proud, grateful and glad to be Malaysian. And a loyal one, too.

6) Will head to TARC on May 10. Yeah, my birthday.

7) Was never too good in numbers. And that's a marked tragedy, at least, personally. I'm good at Math but I totally suck in Add Math - that is, except for statistics and probability and permutation/combination. Trig still give me nightmares sometimes.

8) I developed a passion for photography, especially after my dad bequeathed his Nikon FE2 to me...except er, I don't have the financial means to even buy the batteries. I have a P&S and a digital camera too. Mwahahaha.

9) My bro's 3 years younger and very good-looking. Damn.

10) I always say I read a lot, and I do. But it's not always those "big" names. I admit I'm more interested in Pan-Asian women writers and Chicken Soup series and Reader's Digest and newspapers. Not a big fiction fan, I suppose. Just finished Anthony Bourdain's A Cook's Tour and now finishing Jung Chang's Wild Swans, never attempted to flip through Sophie's World since, er, months ago.

11) Self-proclaimed Harry Potter fan. J.K. Rowling should be honoured. I don't call myself a fan to anything else.

12) Reality TV, Reality TV, Reality TV. Amazing Race, Survivor, American Idol (recently), Fear Factor, etc.

13) My ultimate aim in life is to earn enough money to major in Philosophy just for the heck of it.

14) I don't want to sound self-centered and narcissistic and self-absorbed. Am I? Cos I hate people like that and I don't want to be a hypocrite, either.

15) I hate kids. Kids like me. I don't stand nonsense, they love my nonsense. Contradictory?

16) I try to be funny, I envy some of my friend's seemingly effortless witticisms. But...but...but...I just can't emulate them without "plagiarising!!!" screaming to me in my subconscious.

17) Swears a lot. The words - bloody, shit, dammit, sonovabitch, fawk - actually appear a lot. What? It's very soothing to my sanity!

18) I miss him... Or his ability to sms-chat whole night.

19) Earned my driving license last Sept. And now I actually own a dark grey 2002 1.5cc Proton Wira. Not showing off... that was an outright lie. Er, don't remember my own car plate number. But I'm a lousy driver and VERY wary of other users of the road.

20) Nearing the end of milking my brain about myself...oh oh oh! Need money. Want money. LOVE money. SMELL money. Uh.

My SPM results is........why should I tell you? Wasn't good enough to warrant a landslide of compliments. Weren't bad enough to contemplate suicide. Period.

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someone's taken a long break off blogging! uh yea, bout that testimonial...itz coming. like..uh, soon. like uh, sometime. like uh, yeah. haha...

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ah nette, you owe me one too!
PY, miss you la babe. must meet up soon, ya? take care~


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sorry that i've been MIA for quite some time...
just stopping by to say hi, lol
you enjoy TAR k.......

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spill. who is HE?

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