Monday, March 19, 2007

Cos Because

12 Apr 2004
At the moment
Song: Ling Chen San Tien Chung - Z Chen
Mood: Bored
What I had last: Orange juice
My brain is saying: Bored
Time: 00:49
Wishlist: Someone to teach me play guitar.

Why am I blogging when I got absolutely nothing to say?

Except, ah, I've got hate comments.

Thank you, thank you very much! I know I did my best and that I have no regrets.

I also can tell you I have no professional training in dealing with the trauma and unnecessary depression the comments caused.

Sorry, William H.

*Scratches head* I really have nothing else earth-shattering to tell you.

I like Z Chen. He can sing. He's cute. Cheeky, too.

Three was not scary. Now I'm sorry I didn't believe him when he told me it was nothing.

Visited my aunt last..Wednesday. She gave birth. Welcome to the world, Tan Khai Shyuen. 18 years age gap. Jeez.

That's it, end of blog.
Looking forward to getting more hate comments. Maybe that's the sole reason I blogged. Oh, yes. *She* implied she's a perfect stranger and American, at that. But I know better. I know you prolly know me [well] and that I dislike you in the first place.

*Giggle giggle* Was that obnoxious? Then u need this.

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