Monday, March 19, 2007


17 Apr 2004
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Song: We Are The Reason - Avalon
Mood: Annoyed
What I had last: Dinner
My brain is saying: I. Hate. My. Computer!
Time: 21:36
Wishlist: A hella load of CASH

This is darn annoying – my computer will not let me play Rollercoaster Tycoon. Oh man, just when I’m all hooked up and everyone’s starting to puke...

And then my computer runs into runtime error 3 times...this absolutely suck.

I’m typing this in Word document and MP3’s running too loud for me to think. Let me adjust volumn. Okay, done.

Today’s already April 18, and I suddenly realize college starts on the 10th. Hooboy. Oh shit. That’s only 22 more days. Ugh.

Don’t honestly have much to say. Went to Jusco yesterday and bumped into someone I know practically every corner. My mom was weirded out. There was Phillip, my ex-classmate, Wan Feng, Xin Yan, whatsherface, and I’m sure there’s more. Just can’t recall.

It rained this evening and I took this photo from my bro’s room window:

It really beautiful out there after a heavy shower, the photo can’t capture the setting sun and mist hanging over the treetops. Damn.

That’s my cousin Khai Siang. He’s 3, hyperactive, and love to answer the phone. And switch your computer off. And so cute. Just saw him this afternoon and I miss him already.

Mmm yeah, as a leaving note, take a guess at where’s this:

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last 2 pics, klcc's ceiling

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