Monday, March 19, 2007

Oh joy joy

There are some days you want to live in over and over again, and today is one of those days.

Can I wake up tomorrow to find out I can relive today, Friday? Hehehe I had great classes, great movie, great time, mediocre (!!!) food, great chit chat and 2 good news...

Lucky I never actually jump off KLCC like I dreamt of that night! Joking!!!

I'm afraid of jinxing myself so I'll stop here.

A visitor made this comment,
Too bad PY , i think you already did. :(
Don`t worry, its not the end
Andrew [andyrewchua@hotmail/]

A visitor made this comment,
heys, i had some good and bad days too, yesterday i saw a 'hooker' with a geek getting it on at Morgan...what an eye sore... talk about disgusting... dun think she's even a real female.. she's fake.
dun fret about the bad days, i know i know,,, easier said than done... i feel like dying too. worries yea?

mich []

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