Monday, March 19, 2007


7 Jul 2004
Today I'm blogging purely because it is overdue.

It's already a week into July; college, classes, routine are all in full swing and I'm enjoying it all and exclaiming "I'm dying..." but still, I'm enjoying it.

That's it. Life is pretty unremarkable these days. No tasty little morsels to divulge, no big events to scream and croak about. It's kinda jinxing myself, but these dramaless days are good, at least the most unpredictable, is still pretty predictable.

College keyboard sucks. The distance's too far from my chair and my chair's too low for the short short me. I really REALLY really got nothing to say, and it's best to say nothing.

I'm lazy to blog, too. Gotta mention that. My weekends are filled with sleep, going out with my collegemates - KK, Tze Wurn, Terry, Stacy...movies, eating, shopping. I don't even chat much online these days. Get on, check mail, Friendster a bit, then off I go.

My provisions (neeeeeeed moolahhhhh!) are running out, and running out soon and fast. And I need a new handphone not to mention a new PC (laptop will be sooooo good) because I dropped my phone in class and it flew a few feet across the class. My PC's 7 yrs old this year, I only keep upgrading but how much can he take?

Watch Spiderman only if you're a fan. I was bored in that screening; 5 young girls, prolly 13 or 14, giggled and exclaimed throughout the movie and shielded their eyes during the big kissing scene and said real loud "disgusting!" KIDS, what do they know.

Mmmkay going off. Somebody please say you miss me, haha.

Amelia made this comment,
I miss you!! Ahahahah...No I seriously do! Long time no see lu punyer muka ady! And to think I see your muka everyday last time. Now want to see also cannot see..tsk tsk tsk..what to do..
Aiyah you watch spidey ady! I guess me gotta lookie for other kaki to watch then..:(..Well miss ya..:D

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