Monday, March 19, 2007

Friendster Questionnaire

11 Jul 2004
A Q&A that never made it to the boards cos there's 'unsuitable material', whatever that means.

*Anger Section*
.do you have a quick temper? :
=> quick, bad, name it.

.what do you do when you're mad? :
=> uh uncontrollable rage leads to cursing and
telling people off and making a scene. which i
avoid, but er, shit happens sometimes.
actually...i curse a lot. all the time. ask my
collegemates. and i curse a lot when i'm behind
the wheel.

.what's the worst thing you've done when you
were mad? :
=> make a great scene in public, ruin some
precious stuff in my room in private. and i
should probably mention how i regret that.

.if you can take back time, would you have never
done this?
=> see, you CAN'T turn back time.

.ever made anyone cry when you were mad?
=> uh. let me think. no?

.ever physically hurt someone when you were mad?
=> smacking my dog count or not?

.do you curse when you're mad?
=> fawk, yesh.

*Crying Section*
.when was the last time you really cried your
heart out?
=> uh. think. uh. it's been ages...uh don't

.ever cried yourself to sleep?
=> uh yes.

.ever cried on your friend's shoulder?
=> no. in front of friend yeah.

.ever cried over the opposite sex?
=> *raise eyebrow* who's worth it?

.do you cry when you get an injury?
=> depends la. broken nail nothing to cry over.
broken arm...

.do certain songs make you cry?
=> depending on your mood, right. if you're happy
even the saddest song won't influence you in any

.can you make yourself cry?
=> i...guess?

*Pain Section*
.what's the hardest thing you've ever had to go
=> 2 things. watch trust being crumpled like
tissue, and that my dog died in 2002. she slept
with me every night for years.

.what's the worst thing you've done to yourself?
=> not for your perusal, and certainly not here.
shit happens okay.

.what's the worst thing you've done to somebody
=> er, break promises, fight,

.how depressed can you get?
=> like, where's my Prozac?

.do you inflict pain on yourself?
=> look, not physically. i might seem bonkers but
my sanity is intact.

*Happy Section*
.are you normally a happy person?
=> no one want to spend time with a sad person,
you process? being happy is mind over matter.

.what can make you happy?
=> simple gestures really. of course, i'm no
hypocrite - money.

.do you wish you were happier?
=> wish? no, no.

.what makes you the happiest?
=> life

.what about being with your friends, does that
make you happy?
=> need you ask?

.can music make you happy?
=> depends. i don't make music my religion.

*Love Section*
.have you ever loved someone so much, that
you'd die for them?
=> yes.

.did you ever love a person, tell them that,
=> no.

.ever loved someone so much, it hurt and made
you cry?
=> yes.

.has anyone besides your friends and family
ever said 'i love you' to you?
=> no.

*Hate Section*
.who do you actually hate?
=> many people. many, many people.

.ever made a hit list?
=> er, no. not even voodoo doll. nope.

.have you ever been on a hit list?
=> definitely.

.are you a mean bully?
=> i'm a mean b****, but i'm not a bully.

.do you hate any one that breaks your heart?
=> 'him'? yes.

.do you hate George Bush?
=> which one? Bush Sr or Jr? Opps they're like
father, like son.

*Self-Esteem Section*
.is your self-esteem extremely low?
=> where's a hole? i need to hide.

.do you believe in yourself?
=> faith is powerful.

.when people say they think you are
goodlooking/pretty, do you deny you are?
=> hello, it's me, puiyee. God did not make me
pretty and i accept that.

.are you one of those idiots that think they
are ugly, dumb, and fat?
=> i know i am. mirrors don't lie.

.ever wanted to kill yourself coz you
thought you weren't good enough?
=> "never good enough" is never an issue.

.are you happy with who are you?
=> put it this way: i am who i am. i just am.

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