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21 April 2003 11:19
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Thought: Name for blog

Mmm. I had a blog. Won't say out loud the URL no more...just a silly young girl's stupid attempt at HTML-ing and no avail. I'm lazy and life got mundane. A mundane person makes a mundane writer. And no one really wanna read mundane words....right?

Anyway. I'm addicted to people's blog...always like to know what happen in THEIR daily lives. And then thanks to one particular hobbit..okay, Lean Chiew, I click on clog city...opps, BLOG city. Pure typing and clicking. I like. So, here I go again. Let's see how long it lasts.

Anyway, today...I was rudely awakened by my mum (who's not in) at 9.45 am (ungodly hour to be up for someone who gets up at 6 am every morning M-F) to go to the nearby Shell station to recover her patrol cap. That thing you screw into your gas tank after you refill it. No avail. Had breakfast and got home - to more household chores.

a) sweep the floor
b) hang the clothes

3 hour break. Decide to blast loud mp3 songs (neighbours must be yelling for mercy) and go online. Then...

c) feed the dog
d) take clothes back in
e) fold clothes
f) iron, iron, iron
g) feed the dog
h) cook dinner

yes, I, puiyee, prepared dinner for my family. Still alive and breathing, all of us.
Anyway, over dinner, I told my mum (to her great laughter) I vow and declare I -WILL NOT-live my life as a housewife. No, no and NO.

Since TV kaputed (my bro! my bro!) read newspapers for 2 hours and got online...and discover how small the world really is.

End of today's story.
Think I talked enough.
-sigh- More 6 am mornings, more Mon blues.

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