Friday, March 16, 2007


21 April 2003 17:33
At the moment
Song: Somewhere I belong
Mood: Sleepy
Word: Hmmph

I discover I like to start a sentence with `anyway'...

Anyway. A little more then 12 hours ago I gave my first entry. Now it seemed to soon to publish yet another, but I'm online and modifying...what the hey. School was fine today...first thing in the morning being called my fellow students a `dog' for kicking them out of class to the school assembly. What a beginning. Rainy all day...make a good day for sleep instead of the endless drone and humdrum of school life.

Now home. Very trigger-happy. Just scanned 16 pages of bio and history note for my friend's cousin, whom I've met and been with 3D2N 2 years ago in Genting. Just want this to end so I can sleep. Physics tuition tonight. I should count my lucky stars, he's an excellent teacher. And I enjoy his classes. That's all I expect, tv still doinked, house is pretty silent. Trig homework tonight, fun fun fun.

Won't be online all week, I think, try not to M-T. Nyeah well, s'all.

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