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23 Apr 2003 16:15
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Okay, something's wrong. My `Page Title' clicky sentence disappeared from admin. HOW CAN IT BE?! It was here on Monday morning! ARGH! I'll FIND it. I SWEAR I'll FIND IT if it takes my life.

On Tues, (today?) 22nd was one of my oldest friend in sec sch's b-day. And I retaliated by totally forgetting about it, even though I had bought her gift about one month ago. Seemed ludicrious, buying it so early and forgetting it on the anticipated day. And I forgot to see my editorial teacher, where I've written my trig notes like sin Ø =(Ø - 180º), even though I've gone through all my add math AND modern math books, I've forgotten to do this, bring that...I'm aging. Terrible. I think I may need a personal diary or something.

On the other note, for my April test, which is informal, I scored 90% for English. And you know what? I'm pretty depressed about it. I can score 94% for a full-blown real-style March paper but I can't score for a simple paper. To me, it sorta symbolize how badly I'm doing at my schoolwork, and how I become less caring about it. School really don't agree with me. I wonder belatedly if I've chosen the wrong stream, afterall. Biology, Chemistry, Physics...I may enjoy learning them, but I never remember them. I know C2H5OH is ethanol, and C2H5COOH is etonoat acid, the application of it is fun (didja know ethanol is NOT for drinking; it causes blindness and death?) regurgitate it for exams..God help me. Don't get me wrong. My aces come from only BM and Eng, I can't even pass my Add Math and barely do so for the 3 sciences.

Semester exams' nearing, I should put down the book I'm reading and haul myself to the dog pound instead. ARGH.

A visitor made this comment,
whoa. i didnt know i'm so influential *ehem*
remember we once chatted about how stupid ppl with blogs? guess whos the contradictor.
and ruefully i discovered your link through giannes website since i didnt go online for a while. u couldve smsed me instead. hmpphh...
bet u are bursting to let me know eh?

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