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26 Apr 2003 00:00
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Song: Yellow - Coldplay
Mood: Slightly annoyed
Word: Obfuscate - make something complicated to understand
Nitpick: People taking things for granted

Okay, there's much to write today, starting with why I was annoyed about being taken for granted. True, partly it's my fault, since I can't say no to a friend, not especially one who had done me a lot of favors and been my friend for the good part of the last 4 years. She asked me to scan 16 pages of bio and history notes for her cousin in Melacca and 26 photos, own best friend told her I'd oblige her. After saying `okay', can I revert back? So I'm pissed by the little details...her hassling me to hurry up, her hassling me to send it today (tomorrow or the next...)..and I know I shouldn't complain, cos I said yes. God forbid if she read this.

On my way home from tuition just now, I was overcame by some sadness and grief, over my dog, Cherry, who died 14 Oct `02....just over 6 months ago. I know it's cliched, but I still can't believe half a year had passed by with no Cherry around. Sometimes, I think I feel her around, expecting me in the car porch, or sleeping under (or on) the couch, begging for tidbits when we're having a's not pleasant. For cynics and non-pet lovers, it's difficult for them to fathom the mental anguish of watching a young, supposedly in her prime, dog fade away slowly. Even when I refrain from the few last moments and focus on happier times, they all came vividly, unbidden. Some days go by without me thinking about her...some days I can feel the tears behind my eyelids. sigh Perhaps it's time for me to put a lot of things behind me. RIP, Cherry.

Today is also the official day I've become the Out-going Vice President of my Leo Club. It's pretty simple. We had our AGM after school, announce preselected candidates, erase the old board's names and put the new ones onto the whiteboard. Some of them were shocked, as though they can't believe they're chosen, some were disappointed because they thought they deserve better, some already knew they'll be *up* there anyway. It's good and it's bad, I've moved that much up in secondary school yet I remember how much I was in awe of our seniors when I was younger. Guess we're all growing older, like it or not, be it gracefully, or being dragged, shoved or pushed, screaming. Crap aside, now we'll settle our fiscal year's business and officially leave matters to the incoming board gradually. And then..SPM! YAY!

`nuff said.

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