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Lazy (?)

27 Apr 2003 23:37
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Word: Paradox - describes everything in life
Nitpick: Household chores

So weekend is here, and with it, more chores. After a 2.30 am night yesterday, mum woke me up at 11 am (with her grace, usually it's 9.30 am) with heavy eyes and disoriented brain. After breakfast, I set out to mop my house (which is unfortunately kinda big) and wash toilets. Really scrub and all. After that, mum told me to wipe the furniture upstairs, at which I reacted by lying down on the marble floor and groan. After wiping the entire upstairs, I lock myself into my room and proceed to, you named it, SLEEP. Til 7.30 pm. A day wasted. But heck, I paid all the sleep debt I owed.

I just had it from my chat friend from Sabah that one of his friend's blog got printed by some idiot from her school and (God forbid) was shown to her teachers and friends. I wonder what she wrote...if it concerns her school life. I hope the damage wasn't too bad, but I'm not optimistic. I myself would write things that's not meant for the object of my hatred's eyes, but it brings me to the question of who is THAT immature enough to waste good paper, good ink and good effort to print someone else's private thoughts publicized. But then, there are sites in the very sick society of the USA that solely exist for the purpose of graffitying and making the victim's life miserable. Rumormongers have nothing to do but to waste time fabricating tales and untruths about people they do not bother to know, aren't even humane enough to step into another's shoes, and these people should be locked in an island for universal good. Let them gossip among and about themselves. Then they'd know what insecurity and misery feel like.

Okay, an old-time chat pal is on. To be continued.

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Sabah chat friend. nice

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