Monday, March 19, 2007

TARC Photos

1 Jun 2004
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Wishlist: Greenbacks, as Lex Survivor aptly put it. I'd sell friendships for a stack of it, yep.

On a less serious note, here's some photos of TARC I've taken and decide to put up:

The School of Pre-U Studies (SPUS) building where we're spending our year.

Karen's back. Our class rep, and some of my classmates.

Ms. Yau, my favourite lecturer for English Language in action. People headed to lecture hall.

People waiting outside lecture hall, and Terry who inadvertedly walked into the camera viewfinder.

A visitor made this comment,
WOW! Looking at the pics of your college reminds me so much of high skool!!! Maybe they opt that design to help students in transition from high skool to college.... ya know, not to change the environment too much. ;P
Have a nice dAY!

Andrew [andyrewchua@hotmail/]

A visitor made this comment,
ur from tarc also? kewt pics!

A visitor made this comment,
wooohoooo..... that looks like SMKTBM man!!!!!!seriously.... interesting... andrew is right.... maybe they want the students to feel at home or somthing... not like TBM is very 'homey'...but well, ya know...wat's up PuiZ?

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