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Thieves we are not

4 Dec 2004

Time: 17:08
Mood: Sleepy, tired, bitchy, amazed, amused

Yeah feeling a myriad of moods right now....and the story goes this way: My ex-schoolfriends and best best best buddies Amelia and Shwu Chenn (SC hereon) planned for this for a whole entire week. Me, driving to 1 Utama for the first time, ever. It proves that with passengers, I make a lousy driver. Ouch that hurts my self-esteem. Right. But that is another story. We clothes-shopped for SC...actually it was more like browsing, trying on 15 items from one store and getting maybe one and annoying the heck out of the salegirls. I pity them for needing to deal with our mess. I do. But my friends like to try on clothes. And you know what, sometimes, I do, too.

As the story goes on, we went to this shop in 1 Utama's new wing called Warehouse or WH and I was told the clothes there are cool and could definitely fit me. Was I impressed? Nope. The biggest sizes are 9. The plus-size section feature clothes so drab, the material and cloth are better used as curtains and tablecloths. I was browsing depressedly through their small selection when this Malay (I'm not xenophobic, she just happen to be Malay!) salesgirl came and ask "Can I help you?". That's normal procedure except she said it in a harsh tone. Oooo-kay. "Nah I'm just looking. Your biggest sizes are?" Blank look from her. Opps. No understand Inggeris? Boleh..."Saiz paling besar?" Drawn another blank look. I answered for her, "Is your biggest size 9? For everything" She hesitated, and nodded her head, while smoothing out the clothes I touched as if I've messed them up. And I'm not. I hate messing clothes up. I did not forget human hands folded them laboriously. She is just so ruuuu-de! Need PR skills!

Amelia and SC being who they are, got 10 or so pieces of clothes and tried it on in their very spacious fitting room. I must say the size of their fitting room is impressive, considering the sizes of their clothes are not. The 3 of us have standing AND sitting space with a considerably big corner to chuck our stuff and tried clothes. Around 20 minutes later, we emerged, feeling kind of terrible we aren't getting anything. Amelia got a brilliant idea about taking one pink top and pretending we want to get that one. She informed the saleguy we're getting that one and as we pass by the racks with the same tops, she dropped it back onto the racks and went browsing bags or something.

SC and me left. 10 metres out of the door, the saleguy chased after us and yelled "hey there's only 9 pieces of clothes! Where's one more?" He took us back into the fitting room corners, and got his manager to check our bags. We explained we thought we wanted the top but decided not to get it and dropped it back to its orginal place. Its standard procedure really, and I'm honestly not mad at him and the manager for actually thinking we've stolen something....if we mentioned nothing about wanting to get that top in the first place. The thing is, Amelia DID tell them we're getting a top. Secondly we did NOT shoplift. And thirdly, they don't need to be so fucking rude to us. Whether we're buying or not, we're potential paying customers. Yeah, yada yada, they won't miss our business, decent-looking students are not above shoplifting, doing their duty.....yada yada.

We (at least I was) were being absolute drama queens and bitchy to the salesguy, salesgirl and the manager. And why not? It was fun! It WAS! I didn't feel like degraded for being thought we were stealing. Under the circumstances (we did bring in lots of clothes, we were in the room for 30 minutes, we took one top out without buying it and replacing it back to the original spot in record time) we did look like we could've shoplifted. What I felt is that the staff there could've get better PR skills, manners and customer service. They absolutely SUCK in those departments. Kick that sourpuss of a salesgirl who don't think being rude to customers or yelling at them is bad reputation. While I'm at it...we should've just let them call the police and and we'll watch their CCTV together-gether which will show exactly when we've 'stolen' that top.

Warehouse WH, New Wing One Utama? Don't go there. Find better clothes at better prices elsewhere! It's not like their clothes is amazingly different or unique! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

And ah. I need to say to my friends, let's not take it personally okay? We DID look kind of suspicious and they were doing their jobs, albeit misguidedly. C'mon. It was funny. Really.

Amelia made this comment,
Yeah it was funny and I don't blame they for suspecting la. Ahahahahah...I mean..who wouldn't we bring in piles and piles of clothes and then not even buying one. I don't blame them there. But they were damn rude. I hate rude people. We should have given them hell!! Yeah we should've! Eheheheh!! But it was fun being bitchy and all yeah...

A visitor made this comment,
Hey. How are you?
Reading your 'moods' for the past few entries, I don't think you're too ok?

btw, no need to reveal your clothes size la?!

Roy []

A visitor made this comment,
Uh.. PY, kizzy. From BRATs. Remember?

Del and I were thinking of meeting up with you cos EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! Will talk to that fella and we'll arrange alrite?

Miss you lots.

Kizzy []

A visitor made this comment,
yo woman.. wow, guess you've been busy these days.. WH is an okay place, but yea. they lack in the PR department...

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