Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tired la....holidays mana?

18 Dec 2004
Time: 22:07
Mood: Can't keep my mind alert and my eyes open


To cut a long story short, I'm fatigued.

To make a short story long, I'm really really really tired.

This is one horrendously long semester. Horrendously tiring, demanding, exhausting, mind-blindingly long. Of assignments, presentations, deadlines and datelines, and drama. Oh yes. Drama. Drama follows me everywhere I go.

Time to relearn to keep my mouth shut. If I've ever learnt that lesson in the past.

Christmas around the corner...? I don't even celebrate it, but I'd feel the atmosphere, at least. I saw the decorations in shopping complexes and in college and I feel....nothing except grossly mass commercialism. Carols don't set me off. Presents...far far far from it. In the same breath, new year is coming, too. 2005. Ah. Yet another year and I don't plan on joining anyone for New Year's Eve celebration anywhere. Except accepting Korean seaweed from my bro while the both of us couch it in our living room watching same old fireworks over same old KLCC. Been the same old thing year come, year gone.

Finals coming up Jan 13. Less than a month from now. Just when things trickle down so that I can at least come online (have not been touching Internet for a week. That's an eternity in my dictionary) finals is rearing its ugly head.

*groans* Give. Me. Holidays. Far. FAR. From. This. Place.

Oh. Phantom of the Opera's soundtrack is impressive. The movie itself, not so.

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