Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Title Smitle

7 Mar 2005

Lately I've been crying easily.

I've cried while driving to school. I've cried over broken mirror. I've cried from being cranky from the lack of sleep.

It's like a dripping water tap. Don't like that. *sigh* I haven't been so triggerfishy easily triggered in a long, long while, I don't know what to do with myself. But I'm ok. It's just the leaky watertap.

Anyhow. Watched Sepet last Saturday, and I kind of get why it is a Malaysian film, as opposed to a Malay/Chinese production. Malaysians has been so racist for generations when it comes to local production, I think a lot of Chinese cannot accept that more and more Malaysian films (that include languages, songs and ragam berbilang kaum) are being produced, and they come out funny, witty and hit you right in the head. Story line aside, this movie poked fun of various prejudices among and against the Malays and Chinese especially, and honestly scripted to include very widely-known "facts" like the Chinese are stingy and calculative and the Malay are lazy...and I think this list would go on if our dearest Censorship Board did not cut a chunk out of it. Its so off-putting to listen and laugh at ourselves and then, zap, an abrupt jump, same scene, no more dialogues. I mean, we Malaysians are not stupid at all, we KNOW what a movie is and it's not going to raise any issues or sentiments that has not already been talked to death and please, they insult our intelligence. They really, truly, exceptionally, brilliantly, sensationally do. Overzealous louts.

Bah. Fawk 'em.

Honestly, I think the fella Jason/Seow Loong/VCD seller in Sepet resemble Alvin Choong. Watching him reminds me of Alvin. He looked like an older version of Alvin. Forgive me Alvin for pointing this out. I just get that deja vu feel. Anyway, the movie is really a poignant take of the daily lives of different races in Malaysia. Casts include a Peranakan mom, traditional-womanising-abusive Chinese husband, the geeky successful bro, protective Muslim father and a HK-soap-opera loving mom, classmates and the gangsterism world and the friendships and enemies from it all.

Must watch. MUST watch. I'm buying the VCD. IF those Chinese-dominated VCD stalls in pasar malam have 'em...or I'll just wait for the original, edited and disinfected version VCD. Pffft!

The Official Site
Dua Sen's review

PS: Photobucket went defunct. The perils of a dotcom business...and the inconvenience for its users (which include me, obviously). Photos disappear and need to be re-uploaded all over again and new tags to type...not that it didn't happen before *cough*Angelfire*cough*

A visitor made this comment,
Dunno about you but the last I checked, Photobucket is still working.
Mei [meiteoh@gmail.com]

A visitor made this comment,
th original vcd is unedited, uncut full version of the movie. its only 20 bucks . grab it while u can ,


Alvin Choong made this comment,
cool. so it's not just yee hui and my sister who think so. i'm gonna have to check this movie out. ;)

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