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Me back!

12 Apr 2005
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I agree, Jun Hoe, it's been awfully long. One month and four days went by without me blogging about them. Hopefully I'm back in certain radars, eh?

So tonight I'll attempt to do something I have not done for a long while, something I've been worried I've forgotten how to do - I'll write. Let's see how long I'll hold up doing this.

I am now armed with more HTML skills. I can now make frames, tables, forms, embed multimedia and do linkage, and even use simple CSS in a jiffy. I've failed to fathom Javascript (which is a deja vu of the awful C++ anyways) but it's small detail, one chapter out of 11, just some nitty grit beneath my nails, no biggie. All in just 7 weeks. To prove meself right, I'm making a simple table right here:

Semester 3
Unit CodeSubjectLecturer
AHLA 1173Social PsychologyDeana Tung
AEMS 1712Tamadun Islam dan AsiaSiti Sazila
AACS 1344Webpage DesignWong Jee Fong

That's what we took this semester.

Oooo-kay nevermind that huge ugly teal bar, I have no idea why it's there. Yeah, 7 weeks was fast. We started sem 3 on Feb 20 and now look, it's April 11 and we're done. Done with the entire course. We've "graduated" from Cert of Pre-U Studies (providing we pass all our papers la)

Seemed too soon. It was barely a year ago on my birthday I walked into orientation. And now our new semester in university starts on May 18. I felt a bit like being pushed by the tide of time and changes, without even thinking about it or "feeling" it or just being conscious of it, whatever 'it' is, in this context. CPS....wasn't difficult. I'm not speaking for everyone, I'm afterall in its easiest stream - Stream B, for Social Science. It's rote learning, plain and simple. Lecturers spoonfeed us a lot. I've grown to love TARC Setapak's campus. It used to be so huge and getting lost seem to be an eventuality but now that it's familiar, the trees and the old buildings and the parks and the mornings and everything, they're so inviting. Even...beautiful. It's a proper campus, not like a huge shoplot building people call a college. And this morning was like every other morning, a drive to college, a drive back, only it's the final time officially as it's student. I'll absolutely miss TARC. I will. Especially when we're going to an old factory in PJ...grr.

My new neighbourhood's familiar, now, too. And my new neighbours, I'm going to stay as far away from them as possible. Because of direct selling, dammit. They tried seeling us water filters and corsets and even broadband. I getting a lil uncomfortable and....pissed off, y'all. It's improper. It's gone a bit too far. It's like them trying to take advantage of us just cos we're the newbies. Friendship with the kids (26, 21, 18, 17 in ages, 2 boys and 2 girls) is not forthcoming anytime soon, not the genuine-I'm-not-selling-you-anything kind of friendship. But nevermind, it'll improve. They'll realise my mom and my indifference and lack of acknowledgement and the glazed look we gave when they talk about their RO water filters once more meant we really are not interested. And corsets? Do I look like I need to lift my bust even more or tighten my bulges? It's hiding, that's what it is. Women had a long hard battle throwing off corsets and getting into pants and they want me to buy a RM2k corset so that I can torture my body, lift my bust and squeeze the bulges? They need looking somewhere else. I get dangerously defensive and ...and weird and...angry over these stuff.

Other than that, well....that's that...my life is not exciting. It's routine, safe, normal. I simply have nothing to convey. Nothing to speak of. I've become a bore. I've become an indifferent college student. Who did not even read a good book for at least 6 months. Or maybe because I've read a whole entire 16 chapters of Social Psychology. I think it's that textbook. You need to see it and read it to know why I'm boring and bored. I miss writing, really. I've lost a lot of vocabulary and I don't want what's left to go downhill even more. I....I hope there'll be more....english-speaking people in UTAR...cos...cos I just miss speaking English.

Sigh. Speaking of that. Y'know....I'm nasty and bitchy and I deserve to be punished and I shall be one day, soon... But I've had enough, I'm so fawking fed up. I'm tired and sick and frustrated of doing other people's share of work for them. We collectively agreed that we rather just do it from scratch rather than redoing things anyway. Which is going to happen when we delegate his his share. It'll come back and we'll get exasperated and pissed and we'll end up unknotting and redoing. What I'm saying is, I'm not fucking doing no one's share of work anymore, I'm not going to bear deadweight and baggage...at least not this one anymore in UTAR. Get. Away. From. Me! I'm too intense and perfectionistic and serious and kiasu for you! Find a team more relaxed, more casual and less particular about their assignments than us! I'm wishing you so long, farewell! Adios! It's been...good!

Its boiling to this point where I hold this poor fella in so much contempt I'm being so unfair to him. No matter what kind of marks he score, high or low, I'll always think first did he copy someone or plagiarize (which is none of my business) just because he's apt to do it and he's been caught plagiarizing before. I'll never atribute his good scores to him; it'll always be did he cheat or did he get someone to do it for him or was it from the internet. This stigma...I know it's totally unfair, but...it proves how a person who made mistakes can never clean his name. I'm not politically correct but it's true. I just hope he'll not plagiarize in uni, my God, because it's just plain lazy. But whatever. His life. I live mine. I'm not going to be a busybody. I'm going to mind my own fucking business.

Another thing...I sprained my right ankle badly sometime in March (which is like, a month ago). It never healed. It's ...worrisome. The pain from the spraining and the bruising is gone but the ankle is still swollen, tender and...sore if I jump or take big steps or even get knocked by someone else's foot or the table leg. I hope there's no fractures or displacements or anything; I kinda like being able to drive. Need to get it seen pronto. Sigh.

Oh. And. I'm on a month-long break. Whee. No plans. Whee.

And I'm getting dizzy here. Been up since 7am and it's already 2am. I need some serious sleep. Not that I spent the entire last night studying for the 2 papers I had this morning anyway. It was spent doing other more productive tasks. Like chatting on the phone. If I get lousy results I have myself to blame. Cross finger and touchwood.

Jun Hoe made this comment,
Good to hear from you again, gal!Well, I guess at this age, we start to 'go about' with our daily life than live life everyday. Hope your relationship with your neighbours will improve soon. Hehe, are those guys in the neighbourhood supposedly cute? : P
Anyway, take care yeah and let's go out sometime soon right!

A visitor made this comment,
glad u got back your internet connection. u sprained ur ankle? when? how come i never noticed it? i must be getting blurrer & blurrer. anyway, take care of urself & i'll see u in utar next month *if i pass my papers, that is. crosses fingers*

A visitor made this comment,
Welcome back and it's good to see you blogging again! ^_^

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