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Tut tut...

20 Jul 2005
Time: 23:01

Here, I got this last Saturday, and was too lazy to blog about it:

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*Gloats* Salivate, bay-beh, salivate!

However I'm only halfway through it. No time! Most of my friends finished it already. And this idiot fella opened my book in uni and proceed to announce who died. Argh! *Whacks his head with book*


Ah. To serious stuff. In uni, it's not compulsory to join clubs but of course it's wise to. First, meet more friends outside class. Second, to enjoy something in campus that's not directly related to studies. Third, it'll look good on testimonials and resumes. So. I joined Mass Communication Society (MCS hereon) and the uni paper, "U", in effect.

The thing is. And I'm fucking pissed about this:

Because when we signed up we can directly write down which department we wanna join, I joined circulation, because my friends (Girl and Guy) were there, but also actually I'm thinking it'll interesting to join something else other than the customary editorial. The thing is. The department head did not bother to do a head count and let people join and then only warn them (I mean, us) he need only 2 more additions to his cosy lil department. Fine. So he'll need to select 2 out of the 3 of us. Fine. He sms-ed, asking us to get online to check an email, which is strange since he can always sms and inform us already. Fine. He wanted to interview us to choose.

I don't feel so happy about that.

Fine. Went to the interview. Guy next. And then we both found out only the 2 of us were requested to interview. Meaning Girl were by default, in. Because Girl and head of department knew each other through association. I accept that. Because in real world, that happens, a lot.

You know what I cannot accept? Guy and me essentially had the same experiences and levels of knowledge. We're equal in almost every way. Or at least I like to think that way. Because we've been in the same league for the past year.

And then. Head of department chose him. Actually I'm alright with that, because he have to choose between us. That's what I fucking don't like. That it's between us he had to choose, and also the way he handled us and me and the way he broke the news. Yada yada yada no space yada yada sorry yada yada yada and I interrupted him. Rudely enough. Cut the chase. Get to the point. Aight, yada yakiti yak yak sorry it was a difficult choice (my fucking God they love that cliche) but yada yada....and I said something like "Aight that's all I wanna know" and walked out. Should I have done that? Nope. Was that extremely rude? Yes. If I can go back, would I do the same, exact thing? Yes.

You know what will make me less pissed? A hypocritical, but still, critical act of fairness. Interview all 3 of us, nevermind that we already realise the fact that he'll choose Girl already. At least I'll feel more appeased. And that will shut us all (and all meant me and my friends) up. I must ask for head of department's major. Let's hope it's not PR. Because his people-skills? Woo. And you know what will make me happier? "Ah, but I think head of marketing (or something) mention something about needing more people and I've mentioned you to her and because circulation needs only 7, maybe you can consider joining her department".

And in the first fucking place, don't open the spot to millions of people only to interview them because other than girl, you need only ONE fucking more person. Its only the circulation department of a yet-to-be-published paper, not the exco of this country. Interviews...bah.


Work begin to suck more and more. I'm feeling bad ditching boss, yet I'm not obliged to work for him every day of every week. I'm a fucking part-timer. And he has a big, huge woman mouth. Talk talk talk talk. Wish I can stuff him with a size 13 "more than cheaper, lightest in Malaysia and Japan number-one lo, just alive (arrived) last week and gud gud plice (price)" running shoes. Because 13 is the biggest we stock. And only 13 will fit into his big, grammatically-painful mouth.


yook hwa made this comment,
u finally blogged. & blogged a lot u did, after a long absence. & u changed ur blog layout. nice!
hmm, luckily i didnt join the U, cos i was thinking bout it but then i was lazy & worried bout the potential workload. maybe i'll join next sem. btw, why didnt u join the editorial? u write really well

EK made this comment,
hahha, i like this post. You tried to offer a balance with both sides of the story - abit skewed by your emotions, but hey it's yr blog and you can bitch all you want right, heh.
Management agrees with the 'interview' issue, but they have plenty of other issues la - it's only natural to be thorough.

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