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workin iii

16 Jul 2005
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I should change this blog's name into the Chronicles of Workin'. You know. Chronicle. The rage word. And you see! I'm faithful! I'm blogging! Although I don't feel like it at all! And wow! People actually still to come to my blog to read! And I should quit! Using more exclaimation marks! But I love it!!! It's so exaggerating!

Harry Potter's coming out tomorrow and considering I've paid full fare for it, I'm getting it the first minute I can, though there's not much point; I have Cultural midterm on Monday and now I know my priorities. Study. I assure you, I know there's nothing more enjoyable in this world than to be able to still be a student. There's a carefree-ness to it that work will never, ever give.

Oh, oh. There's something I wanna show:

No....I didn't hit anyone. No...I didn't get mugged. No, no, no.


This is what happened:

Can ya read that? It says "Sijil Penderma Darah" and "Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya".

Lesson learned? Sure. Donate only when it's National Blood Bank's drive, not UMMC's. I kinda get what's the hype about how government nurses suck now. They were nice enough, but if they're professional, I won't get these bruises, man.

And how was it like? Let's see. The usual. I went alone, though. But my friends were walking in and out all over the place, of course. It's a small campus. Filling in forms. Preliminary medical checkup. The lancet (which hurts more). Informing me of my blood group (which I knew long time ago anyway). Brand new donation book. Collecting my own donation kit. They hide the needle in a condom-like package now. I remember when it was all transparent and huge and menacing. People telling me which bed to lie on. Blood pressure again. Finding a vein. And then something prompted me to ask the nurse if it hurts. Maybe it was because the volunteer helpers were more nervous than I am. Nurse answer "Tentu sakit! Jarum la dik! Sakit!" (of course it hurts! It's a needle!) Uh oh. Nervous. And then the guy lying next to me charitably told me its not painful. And I trust him. Blind faith. And I rather the nurses shut up and insert the bloody thing; they felt it was their duty to narrate every single milimeter of the needle. And between it all, I think I did tear up slightly. Because I was nervous. Of course I'm nervous! I'm lying on a make-shift bed with 3 nurses around me! Its not so much the pain (there's not much pain anyway). It's the fuss.

And the blood flows. Slowly. Sloooooooooowly. Slowly. Donated less than 300ml because the nurse wanna pack up and leave. Stood up after 10 minutes, I think, slightly buzzy and took their snack and drinks (which is NOT nice) and then when I got home after work, I wonder if everybody else have gigantic bruises like mine. Turns out they did not.

So. Nurse poke wrong hole. Wrong hole meant little blood flow. Little flow meant I had to pump and pump and pump. Pumping means more capillary having fun bursting. Being busted meant bruises. Bruises meant ugly. Ugly meant hiding it from mom.

See, life is a chain reaction. All I need to do is to finish the Vit B they gave me and hide bruises from my mom til it fades. Easy.

Haha. I hope better luck next time. Gonna tell them to look and poke properly.

Harry Potter out and I have to study for test.
Harry Potter out and I have to study for test.
Harry Potter out and I have to study for test.
Harry Potter out and I have to study for test.
Harry Potter out and I have to study for test.

LPShean made this comment,
Ouch. Seriously.

tze wurn made this comment,
hey,had been hearing bout the seriousness of the bruises on ur hand..At 1st i tot Esther's one is serious,but when i c the pic here,only i realized tat is way way way more serious than hers..It's like 2 big red spot,look scary n painful gal...a bad experience for donating the 1st time huh?Hope u dun have phobia bout it.. Hope tat 2 spots will b gone soon..Take care

sk made this comment,
i donated blood but didn't get all these bruises and didnt feel any pain......phew~ guess i am just the lucky one to have met a pro nurse..=D

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