Tuesday, March 20, 2007

workin II

10 Jul 2005
Time: 02:10

There's something I've forgotten to mention in my last blog but I think it's still worth a mention:

The terrible night I worked, when my shift ended, Parkson U was already closed so I had to take the evalator up to the carpark, and at first there were 3 guys going up, and I didn't join them. Didn't wanna be in that small a space with 3 guys that late at night. I don't wanna get mugged!

So I press for another lift and when I was about to close the door (in a hurry praying nobody else comes in), in came a rushing guy with golden spiky hair. You know who's that? Adam from 8TV's Quickie. And you know what I did? Absolutely nothing. I felt so miserable I just gave him a cursory glance and lean my head on the wall away from him. *Knocks head on table* I was in a lift! A small space! With Adam! And I said! Nothing!

And then these 2 days I already saw my uni mate (plus boyfriend) and Esther Tay, one of the most popular students in my faculty walking by. And Kak Yati from The Star as well as Pei Ming whom I haven't seen for more than a year and the last time we parted we're all smelly from the zoo. Saw Joshua working in Mac, for RM6 per hour *knocks head even harder on table*.

1 Utama. The best place to be.

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