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8 Jul 2005
Time: 23:53

Its the 3rd day of my working life and its the worst so far. Monday and Tuesday was alright, I had time to actually study some in-between customers, and I took Wednesday off, but today...oh man. I wonder if I'm sane enough. Getting paid to study and not sleep? Am I sane? Me, who've refused to work during long holidays (like one that lasted 6 months and also the 1 month ones) holding a job in the middle of my first semester of my first year in university? The feeling's like, still afloat. It didn't really, really process.

First there's a cute guy in his early 30s who's easy to please. And then there's a power couple (both looking pretty high up in the corporate ladder, am talking about director or the Boss himself here) who's easy to please. And then...

Today me and boss had to entertain and serve this 2 men that's like, the dirtiest old men of men, one whom came in and oogle at my boobs (and also every female customer who've walked in) and considering they were in the shop for over an hour, the fucking old man get plentiful to salivate over. I mean, fuck it, one came in with intention to buy a pair and the dirty one were just trying on like, 7 or 8 pairs for the fucking fun of it and commented at every pair: too heavy, too light, too loose, too tight when he have no fucking intention to buy nothing anyways. Even the one who bought took his out of his bag and started comparing and asking me to bring more pairs to try again and again and again. I mean, gimme a break, he bought that pair already, settle on it fer crying out loud! I tell ya, the moment their backs finally disappear from the shop, my boss let loose a stream of profanities that I fervently agree with. Its the first time of many we both will curse separately tonight, though. Amelia came in after work and we shared a waffle and she walked me back to the shop and lo and behold who should come in but the dirty old men. Dirty man #1 tried to oogle at her but she left. Lucky for me my boss is protective enough; didn't let me get near the fuckin' old man at all, just doing all the running back and forth to the storeroom and so on. And dammit, he still didn't buy one single thing. Created so much mess.

Funny thing is, in-between while I was all bending down this nice tenor voice asked me about sandals and when I looked up he told me he wanted a plain black sandals and I looked at the wrong stock and told him there's only red and electric blue sandals left, he went slightly dramatic and spoke and exclaimed in dismay in this perfect, charming English. I'm so lost and mesmerized by his voice and was only jolted back to reality by my boss who went "Oy. Axxel is here." And then I looked at the guy and said "You got hope!" and he went all arms flailing and go "Yes! Yes! Tell me there's black!" and I opened the box and go "It's...a boy!" And there's a lot of bantering and wits back and forth (and I think my boss lost us both somewhere there) and then asked me to guess the customer's age. I go, maybe 25? 26? And he answered "I ain't going to say I'm 26, no way. I'm only 25!" I didn't want him to walk out of the shop! Owell, bye Mr. Charming Voice, you should be at the airport by now...though I don't know for what.

And then came in this Malay guy and his wife who have RM1000 vouchers to trade for New Balance merchandise and my God, he's so huge there's no shoes and shirt his size and the couple was so difficult to please and the WIFE! IS! SO! SOMBONG! Even my Malay-slanged Malay failed to charm her. Took so long to decide! What is WRONG with them?! And then I remember I forgot to print stuff for Darlene to photocopy and had to drive over to Amelia's to get it printed. The day got worst.

Reach home at nearly 11pm, had my solo dinner and shower and now this. Am not pleased with the blog's new look. Am changing it.

Been a long, long, long day.

Asyraf Lee made this comment,
Wow... That's nasty
2 old dirty men that gonna die anytime soon. Hopefully they'll die in heart-attack.

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