Tuesday, March 20, 2007


6 Jul 2005
Time: 21:16

Okay I didn't blog for an entire month. This stew's thick, no? Haven't been thinking much about blogging though the intention and the thoughts crossed my mind once in a while. Really!

I didn't even realise blog-city updated. Not that there's much to shout about, mostly just the administration stuff. Much look-friendly now than previously, I must say.

Actually, I did think about concluding and taking my graceful bow from the blogging world, not much recording of my life happened since a long time ago. I've rendered myself insignificant even in my own eyes. Everyday is just monotonous repetitions of everyday. Don't feel like saying much or typing much or anything. Terrible, eh.

I'll do an overhaul right now la, now that I have some time to. Modify the colors and looks, it's getting boring. How did I go from one of the free blogs with most readership to this pathetic remains of words long forgotten?

Anyhow, let me think how life's been since I last blogged. Uni life did get a little more busier and livelier, I know more people from some other courses and joined the Mass Comm society. One of the dudes there is Edwin Koh and it's kinda coincidental that my own bro's name is something similar. Edwin. Calling him Edwin is weird. I never called anyone other than my own bro Edwin my entire life. But enough about Edwin. I also joined the uni paper though it happened like, only today, maybe I'd get more exposure and know more people through it. I'm slightly worried about how I'd cope though, now that my time is so tied up. Studying must come first, but I'm holding a part-time job in 1 Utama and they want me in on weekends. Hoo boy. With this and that I hope I have time to breath, not now (cos I've got plenty time now) but later, in 2nd semester or 2nd year.

I think I unintentionally lost temper on a few innocent people -- one girl whom when I was sleeping in the reading room grabbed my friend's chair just like that. I jumped and told her sharply to return the chair. I lost my temper on another person don't remember who. And some people get on my nerves easily. Bwah! Some people are born obnoxious and please God, tell me they know they're obnoxious.

Other than the big hoo-hah about my money disappearing from my wallet fast and not replacing it fast enough, I've got nothing else to inform. So over and out.

Jun Hoe made this comment,
I thought I've posted a comment earlier this morning? Hmm.. Anyway, I hope you're not following the same path as Alvin Choong to blog death-dom. With more and more blogs shutting down,I might as well remove all the links on my gutter. Amelia's ones are there for old times' sake and Alvin's one is just waiting for when Blog-city ultimately shuts it down. *sigh*
Anyway, it's good to hear you're getting along better in uni. Things to do look up when you're joining more activities.


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