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20 May 2005
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Orientation. Total deja vu. Its repeating everything we did in college last year, including the goodies they give upon registration - a file full of booklets and a calender/planner plus a shirt they make you wear during mass call.

We have ice breaking/telematch and KL tour. And if I didn't join in the festivities in college, what makes them think I'll go for it now?! Bah! They make us wake so early and face the LDP traffic for a few hours of what I already went through and know from college!

UTAR is the exact replica of TARC. I mean, sure, instead of Schools they have Faculties, no more Heads of schools, its now Deans and bye Canteen, hello Cafeteria! and no more Student Affairs Dept (SAD) its now Dept of Students Affairs (DSA) but in its essence, UTAR is just an extension of a vehicle known as TARC. The internet and library systems, even the class schedules look alike. What we're doing is really moving on from our pre-u to our degrees from one campus to another.

And repeating the same orientation programme (with only a quarter volumn and gutso of TARC orientation) is monotonous. *Sigh*

The good thing is, however, we're so familiar with the way things work we knew how to read the schedule, getting around the rooms, where to inquire what and who to ask what. We knew ID cards are applied in the library and we knew where to buy bus tickets. All thanks to a year in TARC Setapak. Even their semesters and finals and breaks work out the same way. Now, we're doing the explaining to the real, fresh-smelling freshmen. We told them what is (L) and (T) on schedule is for (Lecture and Tutorial) and which attendance is compulsory and which is not. Heady, man!

The bad thing is, however, because we know to inquire, now to our dismay we discover classes start next Tuesday. Like, THAT is fast! Oh my Gosh! I haven't made my adjustments yet from lazy bum to student!

Parking is expensive if I want to actually have a guaranteed spot every day. RM60 permonth rental from this company that also rents its premises to our faculty. It was RM20 per YEAR in TARC! And the traffic jam. Argh, the one at the TTDI junction! UTAR is twice as near to my house as TARC, but it takes twice as long to go there, so I lose out 3-fold, isn't it? This sucks. SUCKS. I hate driving, and I hate traffic.

So, yep I bet it'll be the same stuff we get in TARC, only more advanced and specialised. At least I have friends and visible expectations and knowledge.

And we're headed to Mersing on Sat and Sun. Tell you why later.

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Best of luck driving. And oh, studies too. :)

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