Tuesday, March 20, 2007

God! My money!

18 May 2005
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Sometimes. I must say I'm SO amazed with my own ingeniousity (and not in a good way at that!) because even I can't figure myself. Sometimes.

See, when we shifted, I took out from between a book my hideaway stash of money - a grand total of RM 150 and I thought it'd be a lot wiser to put it somewhere 'safe' til we're all moved and settled in.

Of course, after we've moved and all settled (like a week after we shifted), I searched high and low (literally) for my hidden stash and came up with nothing, nada, zilch. I have completely forgotten where I have smartly hid my money. I recall putting it into a...box before placing inside the big cardboard box along with other things. I even remember I placed in it one of the last boxes I packed out of my room! I just do not remember where I put it! So after mourning the lost of one-fifty bucks (that's a lot!) I've moved on with life, at first consoling myself that I'll find it one day, and then finally completely forgotten about it.

And then, I played with nail polish and wanted to take it off, so I took out the ice cream box where I put cotton pads

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And I opened the box....and....guess what!

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Money! RM 151! I gained one extra buck! Whoa! My MONEY! My secret stash!

Now, I'm treating it like the Holy Grail and will remember my new hiding place. You'd better bet on it!

And oh, as a bonus, I opened a Harry Potter book the other day and out fluttered 100 bucks. This habit of placing money into books must stop. MUST stop!

And oh, university orientation starts tomorrow. I shall sleep early for the first time tonight. Yah, after watching CSI:NY that ends at 2 am. :)

Me. Pui Yee. University student. *Snicker*

Jun Hoe made this comment,
Hehe. "Fools hardly differ" or "Brilliant minds think alike"; take your pick. I have a tendency to stash my money too, but I don't use books. I go for corners, behind books, and places commonly not looked at.
I still remember when once I found a stash of old angpows which I've totally forgotten when spring-cleaning. Lol. Yup, if I ever need some cash pronto, I should tidy up my room.

GenieOnTheLoose made this comment,
i can imagine you with a bushy tail and chewing on nuts. XD
or maybe enid blython sitll lives in my brain.

but i prefer the former. nyek

Aidid Razak made this comment,
have you heard of compound interest? It's this nifty little thing that you could've gotten if your cash was in the bank all the while, instead of a place as obscure as an ice cream tub. :)

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