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12 May 2005
Time: 23:41

I've gotten myself my 2nd bottle of perfume at last. Well technically it's eau de toilette but heck. At first I didn't want to get Ralph. I must say it's pretty common, everytime I go out I'd smell it on someone else, and I wanted DKNY's new Be Delicious but every departmental store and perfume corner saleslady tell me the same thing: out of stock, darling. Check back in like, 3 months' time.

100ml Ralph Laurel at RM184, and let me tell you, that's a BIG hick to my wallet. I'm now broke as shit and maybe uni starting is not so bad because I'll get some financial injection from mom. But. Usually prices for 50ml of perfume goes at RM185-RM195 so at 100ml it goes maybe around RM250 and I got it very much discounted. From? My uncle's girlfriend's colleague.

Here's a pic:

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Ralph by Ralph Lauren

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This one I bought last year, been using it and getting slightly tired of it you can see a big portion of it gone. Island Kiss by Escada

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One big happy family. Well maybe not so big. Sigh. RM184. Considering it birthday present from "dad" to me. Cos, uh, I got that cash out of the ATM anyways. Without permission. Ehe.

Lo0py made this comment,
u sure noe how to splurge.... i've been using mine for ages. i swear it has a bottomless pit.
btw, visit me at my blog k!

Jun Hoe made this comment,
Hehe. Us lesser mortals with pitiful allowances rely on this thing call 'deodorant'.
That said, er, have fun spraying!

A visitor made this comment,
Ralph is my all time favourite. Am planning to get my second bottle. Have you seen the new Ralph Cool? Very nice design.

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