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Violent me

20 May 2003 23:11
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Word: Catharsis
My brain is saying: When's it gonna end..?
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Looky-look! Revision book!


I have to read some more..can't stop...


Still 5 more days to go til it all ends...


Ugh. Exams.


More papers, more 3.30 am bedtimes, more forcing down facts, more pressure, more more more...

Whack! Whack! Whaaaack!

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, sums up all I'm feeling right now.


Down with Physics I, Modern Maths II. History II. Yeah. What else? I tell you, this is an understatement. History is actually easy compare to, say, Physics. An entire chapter took me 3 hours to read up, as opposed to 1 hour for history and there is absolutely no calculation needed for history. Just the infamous 3Rs - Read, Remember, Regurgitate. Yummy. I am now ranting and getting angry and frustrated with the entire exam fiasco. Just today the bloody saintly `oh, holier then thou' disciplinary teacher came into the class to nag. And nag. Apparently 2 or 3 unfortunate souls were caught red-handed, history notes in hands, in the toilet during history exams. More notes were found inside the toilet tank. God bless their souls. Heck. I wonder who they are. Deserve my utmost disrespect. If you want to cheat, do it the smart way. There. My grammar went down the drain.

I still need to rant. But I thank my lucky stars tomorrow is only BM I, meaning essay-writing. Yahoo! Early night for me today, with minimal Physics reading. Tomorrow's menu will be another 3Rs for Moral Education, all 82 values in the syllabus. Here is a peek on me and pal's conversation regarding our just-finished Modern Math exam:

(I'm Fanciful Nyah Nyah)

DaCrapologicalist says:
so how was maths?
FaNcIfuL NyAH nYaH! says:
FaNcIfuL NyAH nYaH! says:
ugh...i didn;t even read math.
DaCrapologicalist says:
it was downright lousy
FaNcIfuL NyAH nYaH! says:
manage to cram a little matrics. and i forgot how to to the persamaan serentak.
FaNcIfuL NyAH nYaH! says:
the problem is, it's supposed to be EASY. stupid. i can't even do the luas di bawah graph. keep getting g=5.
DaCrapologicalist says:
i forgot how to draw the ogif until 4 minutes before times up
DaCrapologicalist says:
manage to draw that snakey thingy but i doubt i'll get any marks for it.i didnt label
FaNcIfuL NyAH nYaH! says:
i knew how to draw ogif. but i dunno what's the median and min.

*Continues to rant and mumble mutter.*

I so want to plea insanity. But first, I need an afternoon siesta. :s

Correction. I'm now feeling sick of it all. Physics? Can't even touch Moral Education, much less read up more Archimedes, more Pascal, more..something. Mom and me had a shouting match (no guessing who's on the winning side). Well, I kept thinking why can't she understand that I'm not physically tired, *just* mentally so, and please leave me alone for 2 weeks. But then again, I never think of it from HER angle. Whatever. This 3 weeks is so yucky. Heck, I started crying when I fed the dog. First, I kicked him because he was fuming all over me. And then I felt sorry and petted him and gave him his meal. He didn't even touch the food. Usually he can't even wait until I've poured the entire meal into his bowl. Stared at me as though I've grown a tail, HIS tail un-waggy. Said `eat ler, boy', then he gave me another weird look. Stupid dog.Sighs loudly. Even my usually oblivious brother told me to get some sleep. Wow.

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