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19 May 2003 00:24
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Song: Canon in D
Mood: Overloaded -- with food
Word: Control
My brain is saying: Ugh. Food. Get away!

I promised myself and my mom I'll make this quick. 30 minutes, max, cos I have history to study. Yay. More about Islamic journeys and Greek mythology, uh, sorry, civilization and Rome democracy (or is it paliamentary..?). Yay. That is SO interesting!

Anyway, today was a rather good day. Weather is hot, though, with no rain. Ugh. I predict rain tomorrow. Well, woke up late (is 10 am late? Hell...), mom shouting and screaming because I'm an ungrateful kid who sleep while she slave away washing underwear (or something)..yada yada yada. Needless to say, we're both furious. Worked it out by whacking fridges with the mop, whacking mom's bed with the broom..yeah, I'm bad tempered and when I do, I have a need to whack or slam things. Sigh. By the time we're both ready to go to the nearby shopping complex, we've both cooled down. I still hold grudges. I was abrupt but she buat tak tau. Fine. Bought like, 7 package of long stripe of papers you make stars from. Start making odd-100 for my friend for his birthday.

Speaking of birthday, well, it's this dude's birthday and first time he ever had a party for his friends. Also first time he invited us to his house. Suddenly this mysterious guy is as normal as any of us already. Stuffed full with food while his father (who's our add math tuition teacher) kept urging us to `eat! eat! eat!' when we're up to the neck with yummy food. Uhhh. Too much good food lately. Guilt setting in..better keep things light for the next few days. I still have Forum clothes to shop for! AhhHh! Screams. Maybe it's a little strange, but this time next year all of us will walk in different directions. This might be one of the last get-togethers we'll ever attend as school-mates and classmates. Oh well. All good things never last. I admit I was eager to go to this party. Fine. I was excited. There wasn't one single get-togethers at this scale for a long long time, I kinda missed being idiotic and admittedly, since last night, I really wanted to laugh. Like, LAUGH, laugh. Laugh because of something funny, laugh as a group. Achieved that a little bit today, but it's still not enough. I feel we've all frowned and cried too much, laughed too little. Sighs loudly. Yup, I wanna just laugh. At anything and nothing.

A visitor made this comment,
yeah. we laugh a lot less when we're older. We're becoming...'them'!

A visitor made this comment,
Oh yeah i missed those times.The carefree days.Life's like an emotional whirlwind as you get older cause we think too much.And you ms.khong,think too much.Anyway gear up for forum shopping...:)

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