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Woe woe dog bark

16 Mar 2004
At the moment
Song: Blog-city sucks Blog-city sucks la la la!
Mood: Exasperated
What I had last: Oranges
My brain is saying: Woe! Woe is me!
Time: 23:15
Wishlist: Someone to teach me play guitar.


I have been waiting waiting waiting for blog-city to login into new entries for so long, I can feel the moss growing inside my brain.

What updates?! All I can see from them is waiting, and more waiting, and inconvenient navigation.

Oh, I've been through this.

Check this out:

Yeah, I was so bored, I loaded it into my bro's PC and painstakingly copy them into diskettes and then transfer to my PC...ah well. Gotta make do with what I have. That last pic, is my bro's expression while catching me with my narcissistic indulgence. Honest.

Oh none of my body parts is up for discussion, by the way. If there's anything I hate, it's insinuations and downright insults - who the fawk people think they are, asking me if I can see through my eyes, my bra size and me being a fat chick, huh? I don't care if you're a female or male, whether you think you're close friends with me or that I'm open-minded or easygoing, the next time anybody I don't want to hear discussing about my body parts wil get a sound bitch-slap. I promise.


Funny how going to TARC will reunite me with people I knew from every school I've attended - SRK (P) Dato Abu Bakar II, SK Selayang Utama & SMK Kepong. Like my bro said, maybe the yuin fun or the fate with them hasn't ended. I'm intrigued. Pity most of them are in A-levels, but it's a start. I admit, when my (or so I thought) long lost friend messaged me, I was so happy, the sort that makes you remember the days so many years ago.

I must learn to tolerate again. Kinda like, I lost the excitement and I back off immediately when I sense there's a motive when people approach me. I don't like being used or manipulated, though. And gotta take a stand. Won't sit back and let things be, I guess. Firmly tell people I don't like the way they behave towards me. So annoying some people don't know the meaning of being serious. And so annoying some people just don't know when to let up or chill. Ugh. I should be a hermit living on top of mountains, the way I go. Maybe then I won't be a hazard to society, eh?

A very wise person is right: I'm very selective. It's just the way I am. If I don't like you, that's it. End of story. If I consider you a friend, I'm loyal. And I guess I realise I like it this way. Thanks for pointing that out in your blog, you know who you are.

Oh woe, woe is me.

I've tried to publish this blog for the upteenth time for 3 days running...kinda getting sick and bored and exasperated about this.

Amelia made this comment,
Wohohohoho! Somebody's turning into a vain-pot. Welcome to the club deary...i believe there will be many more vain self mug-shots in the future right? ;) ahahahha..goodie!

A visitor made this comment,
*smiles* I hope you don't mind a total unknown trespassing into your realm. You see, I don't usually go for blogs, but yours is pretty noteworthy. Good English - that's something I look for, whether it's a story or otherwise. Now, I'm just here to say that I did read your past comment. Life. How can I be jaded with it, when I'm only seventeen? I'm just an unassuming person, walking along my path, when occasionally, a boulder cunningly materialise and halt my steps. Even the rosebushes that line the borders of my road seem to be extending their branches, prickling me with those needles of theirs. When things are up, they're sky high. But when life takes a dip, it can sometimes go as low as the Grand Canyon. Or even lower. Think..a journey into Earth's core. That's life. Pure, unabridged, unfiltered. But I'm loving it, despite having to take the MOther of All Examinations (ie: STPM).
Now, let's see. Allow me to chip in my two cents worth about this entry, alright? Frankly, I think it's good that you have the confidence to post those snapshots. I know some girls who fret 24/7 about their appearances despite being told repeatedly that there's nothing wrong with them. It's sad, really. I'm just glad that I have all my anatomies, limbs and senses, as those are the things that really matter. Ah, TARC. College life. They have a 100% waivering of fees for students who scored 9As and above, and yet, I would never find out how college life would be. That's alright. I'll just bug my friends about it. =P Well, have a good college life. Adios.
Calcifersgrl []

Amanda made this comment,
Emm...hmmm....yeah, i think you'ree too bored to do that....hehehe, chill out girl...take up a hooby...^_^

Delwyn Lee made this comment,
EmotionPuiYee : PuiYee conveys an emotion...
Left to right : 1. Puiyee solemn. Houston, we have a problem. Puiyee contemplating a non bio-degradable nose.

2. Puiyee's eyes got stuck after long conversation with Michael Jackson's image consultant. Puiyee saying "This is so not funny Delwyn". Puiyee giving the queer look at Delwyn"

3. Puiyee getting bored with Delwyn's lameness. What does the note say? F*** You D*****???. Puiyee angry

4. Puiyee very angry. Puiyee....*gasp*. Puiyee...Puiyee?...PUIYEE!!!

Peace \/

Jun Hoe made this comment,
Trying to come up with something witty to say about the pictures. Here goes (1-4 from left to right)
Top row:
1. "Gee, I wonder whether they'll figure out that I wasn't wearing pants while taking this pic."
2. " teeth). It's not that hard. I've seen people done it before."
3. "Yes, a new skill! I can cross eyes! Next step, world domination!"

Second row
1. Trying to perfect the cross-eye skill in her attempt to hypnotise everyone as part of her world domination plan.
2. "Shit..cramp in one eye! Can't open ...both ..eyes..have wink.."
3."Let's see. As the future world leader, I need to have a 'scowling' look. This should do."

Third row.
1."Just in case the cross-eye skill doesn't work, I'll take over the world with my innocent and cute look! Yes!! No one shall escape my Bambi eyes!"
2. Shouldn't have left the camera on while taking a break to rest my eyes. Sheesh! I never knew how much energy it takes to make those Bambi eyes!
3. Now for the second part! The 'disgust' look. To use it after the 'scowling' look.

Last row
1. "I am the heartless Ice Queen. All shall bow before my will. Muahahahaa!"
2. What do you think of my Ice Queen dress? 'Cool' enough?
3. My first test subject - my brother. Notice his abject terror when he realise that my plan is unstoppable!

Jun Hoe made this comment,
Grr. I thought I already posted a comment yesterday. Why doesn't it appear? Anyway, being patient here. Rewriting my entire comment.
Trying to be witty. From left to right.

Top row:
1. Gee, I wonder whether they know I'm not wearing my pants now.
2.'s not that hard. I've seen people done it before. Just a little bit more..
3. Yes, a new skill. Cross-eye ability to hypnotize people. I will take over the world!

Second row:
1. By tilting the camera a little, I can achieve maximum hypnosis effect for worldwide domintation through television. Yes!!
2. Oh no! Right eye cramp..Shit..can't open eye..
3. The 'scowling' look. After I take over the world, I need to constantly remind others who's the boss around here.

Third row:
1. Just in case. If I can't hypnotise them, I'll take over the world with my sweet and innocent look. No one shall be able to resist.
2. Need to take a break. Never knew how tiring it is to make those Bambi eyes!
3. Bleh. No reason. Just like doing it. Bleh.

Last row.
1. I am the cruel Ice Queen. All of you will bow before me!
2. What do you think of my 'Ice Queen' dress? 'Cool' enough?
3. My first hapless test subject. Note the abject terror on his face when he realises that my plan is unstoppable. Muahahahaha..!!

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