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Won, hands down

20 Jun 2003 20:09
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Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:] 300 or 400 Digital Camera. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

I realise something...not today, but it's really glaring lately. Being a college-aged Leo from areas like Bangsar and PJ does not automatically guarantee proper, good English usage. I said good, not perfect or stellar. I get 8 to 10 emails per week from Leo mailing lists, when paradoxically, 90% of the emails doesn't concern me nor my club. Still, sorting through them is a must and speed reading through something you have to deceipter painstakingly doesn't ease the process. Read this, ponder and use your imagination:

An email with the title "Congrajulations!!!" appear in your inbox.
An invitation to the "post motem" meeting is included.
The tentatively date for the meeting is DDMMYY.
Of course, your presence to the meeting will be fully appreciate.
Followed by subsequent (reply) emails with same unchanged title.
The word "post motem" appeared in every of those email.

Good read, yeah? But that's only butter to the popcorn (derieved from icing to the cake)...mails like that arrive every other day. ArgH! Where's protocol? Where's formal emails? Email does NOT, I repeat, does NOT equal to `cut the chase, just use slangs and shortforms'!!! Emails are just supposed to help save paper, not destroy language instead. For the love of God and English...

Oh yeah. Who am I to talk? I bear bad news. Out of the near passes, fails and passes I got for exams, I only managed a poor 82% for my English paper. Sigh. I was hoping for something in the 90s%, not an 82%. Darn my linear-minded (which is just a polite word for "kayu" or wooden) English sir.

Next on the agenda:
Choir meet! District-level champions for the 10th year running, no applause needed! The victory is sweetened by the fact that Melawati is moaning that THEY are the 1st-runner up for the 10th year running as well! Poor mites, demanding that we "give way" to them for a year...heh.

Well, I went to the competition quite alone. I fully expect a lonely existence in choir, considering my chummies (smartly) pulled out from competiting team while I'm left in the dark. That was not to be. I was approached by this absolutely bubblicious girl who asked if Wei Jie is here this year. You see, Wei Jie is a tenor with a lookalike in the Melawati team. They both created quite a sensation as the *long lost twins* last year. This girl's name is Poh Yee, and boy, she can TALK! We spent quite some time gossiping and exchanging goodlooking guys' name and info and choir tips and good-humoured bashing, which include her friends telling us she's "too much". It was hilarious because Wei Pien's younger bro (still dunno his name, Wei Kok or something) was watching us and he told me on the bus much later he thought we knew each other for years. He was absolutely shocked to hear "Weh, what's your name ah???'" mid-conversation. Never met situation in his life. I told him it's time to grow up and see the world ;P.

What I was trying to say is that I do not have to operate in groups...I am still an individual worthy of attention. With my friends, I may not be as crazy or fun or interesting, but heck, I'm still interesting enough because I am me, and not because I am `someone's friend'. I will now firmly believe and have more faith in my people-meeting skills and don't have to hide behind anyone's shadow anymore. Cheh, so cheesy. But for real. I guess I realise more then ever I can stand up by myself and meet new faces without the "Kepong/Mandarin/Different" stigma attached all the time.


Harry Potter and the Order of Pheonix : 4 days to go!!! Argh! 96 more hours!

A visitor made this comment,
harry potty is tomolo! and i really hate u now, lol... ah well, at least a kind, kind soul by the name of puvi has agreed to borrow me the book a week after this sat... WHOOHOO!!!! meanwhile, i'll walk around with pillows tied to my ears and ignore the excited chatters, therefore shall reduce the chance of being green with envy (or run naked into a bookstore, grab hp5 and escape)...
anyways, guess what? my school's gotten best interact club and best community service something(our charity concert... i danced it it, mwahhahaha)

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