Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Xmas Jeer

25 Dec 2004
Time: 23:43
Mood: Boo boo!

Where is EVERYONE? Why nobody online wan? Come online la! I wanna talk la!

On the first day of Christmas I:

+Went Drive 3 of my friends and me to One Utama

+Tagged along to the MNG sales....(so not worth getting crushed by frantic, kiasu women full of parfum and B.O. when I don't even have the mood to lift the sleeve of an interesting piece of cloth up)

+Went to MPH and chickened out buying Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons

+Got ripped RM39 for a top (damn! damn! damn!)

+did not get my 2nd ear piercing which on impulse I wanted to get because my friend who wanted to do the original piercing chickened out

+Watched Phantom of the Opera for the 2nd time. People, one time is enough more than enough. There are times when I get so bored of the acting (or the lack of it) I closed my eyes to enjoy the music and the music only. At least the first time around I get to drool at the hot caucasian sitting 2 rows ahead. I still like Phantom more than ninny Raoul!

+Lost my parking ticket. Well I did not lose it but it's kind of a long story and to cut it short my friend was holding the ticket and she went home and we're still bumming around and we did not have a ticket when we want to go home and we had to cough up RM20 as penalty

+Ate lunch at Aman Puri

+Totally love my totally understanding, understandable, understanded friends (yes even when they happen to poke me with their metal-made fingers which HURTS)

+Discover I scare them with my whacked up antics (w-h-o-a! as in, HOOO-AHHHH!)

+Ate steamboat my mom made

Still nobody online....sheeeeesh. Fine. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy up.

Seacrest, over and out!
(Eew kind of cheesy don't you think, Mr Seacrest?)

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